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    Rockland Public Library

    Hours: Welcome back! The Library is now open; see below for details. The hours at present are Monday to Friday 10 AM to 5 PM, and Saturdays 10 AM to 1 PM.

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    Latest Rockland Public Library News

    Rockland Public Library FAQs

    Are you open today?

    As of June 15, 2020 the Library’s hours are Monday through Friday, 10 AM to 5 PM, and Saturday from 10 AM to 1 PM.  We are closed for Federal and State holidays. Curbside service, available on request, is from 10 AM to 4:30 PM (M-F) and 10 AM to 12:30 PM on Saturdays.

    When the weather outside is frightful, the Library may be closed due to snow, ice, or other hazards, so please check our alerts & announcements for closures & delayed openings, or the Library’s Facebook page,  and local news outlets, if unsure.

    Can I donate my used books to the Library?

    AT PRESENT, we are unable to accept donations, due to COVID-19 restrictions. THANK YOU for understanding.

    Sure; the Rockland Public Library accepts donations of used books, videos, and audio-books in good condition. Some may be added to the Library’s collection, or they may be sold by the Friends of Rockland Library in the Book Stop or book sales, or online. Proceeds of these sales go to the Rockland Public Library in the form of new books or programs.

    However, there are some things we cannot accept because past experience tells us we cannot use or re-sell these items. They include: damaged books (these are essentially worthless and should be disposed of), mildewed books (mildew is “contagious” and can quickly spread to other books), encyclopedias, most textbooks, medical or health books more than 5 years old, technical or computer books more than 5 years old, Readers Digest condensed books, vinyl records, videotapes, magazines or other periodicals, and remainders from other organizations’ book sales.

    Because storage space is tight, the Library can only accept 2-3 bags or boxes of books at a time. If you have more to donate, please make an appointment for your delivery. Please call the library at (207) 594-0310 to leave your name, telephone number and the best times for you to bring in your donations. We will call you back to make an appointment, and do our best to accommodate your schedule. Thank you for your donation! Your support helps keep your Library strong.

    Can I print items at the Library? What is the cost?

    Yes; You can view the printing fees on this page. We recommend doing a print preview so you don’t pay for something which doesn’t print the way you expected.

    Do you have a book group?

    Yes! Catching up with the Classics meets (generally) the third Saturday of the month.  You are welcome join.

    On the third Wednesday of the month, Contemporary Fiction Book Group is being led by volunteer Maureen Jennings, via Zoom.

    Do you have meeting rooms for rent? What is the rental procedure, cost, etc.?

    Rent the Library’s Board Room or Community Room for your next meeting or program.  Call the Library (207) 594-0310 for availability.  Once you have determined availability, read the Meeting Room Policy, print an application form and send or fax to Rockland Public Library with your payment.

    Payment is due before we can schedule the room.  A refundable $50 security deposit is required for use of A/V equipment and/or when food is permitted; this security deposit does not hold the room. Full payment is required to hold the room.  Please write a separate check for the security deposit.

    For more detailed information & fees, please visit our Meeting Rooms page.

    Does the Library have a fax machine?

    Yes; it is self-service; it requires a credit or debit card; if you need one, the Library has fax cards available for purchase. You can view the fees for this service here.

    Does the Library have a photocopier? How much are copies?

    Yes. Please see our fees page for more details on the cost of this service.

    Does the Library have a water fountain?

    Yes; there are two fountains just before you enter the Children’s Room.

    For how long can I check out items?

    Most items may be checked out for two weeks; DVDs circulate for one week. New books and DVDs may be renewed once; most other items may be renewed three times, as long as no one else is waiting for the item. For more detailed information on loan periods, please visit this page.

    How can I become a Library volunteer?

    Please pick up, print and complete the volunteer application form. We will get in touch with you.  There are often opportunities to volunteer in the Library, as well as with the Friends of the Rockland Public Library.

    For more information on volunteering at the Library, please visit this page.

    How do I find my way around the Library? Do you have a map?

    We have an online interactive map of the Library here.

    How do I get a library card?

    Rockland residents, current Coast Guard members, or property owners are eligible for a free library card, as are Knox County kids (from birth) and teachers through 12th grade. Any non-resident may purchase a card, and summer visitors may purchase a temporary card for a three-month period.  Library users must possess a card to enjoy some of the many library services offered.  A photo ID and proof of current address are required to obtain a card. For more information, please visit our Library Card & Loan Policies page.

    How do I get to the Community Room?

    You may come in through the lower level entrance, and it will be on your immediate left.  From the main level you may use the stairs or elevator. Your see signs pointing your way to the Community Room (to the right, a quick left, and then straight ahead). View the Community Room on our interactive map for a more detailed overview.

    How do I obtain the Library’s WIFI password?

    Users are required to sign the Library’s internet use policy, available at the Information Desk or Checkout Desk at the Library. At that point they are given the password for the wireless network. For more information please visit our WIFI & Internet Access page.

    How do I search for books?

    You can search the Library catalog online here. If you can’t find what you are looking for, feel free to request an item using our online form or by calling the Library at (207) 594-0310.

    What are the Library hours?

    Regular library hours are Welcome back! The Library is now open; see below for details. The hours at present are Monday to Friday 10 AM to 5 PM, and Saturdays 10 AM to 1 PM.. We are closed for all Federal & State holidays.

    When the weather outside is frightful, the Library may be closed due to snow, ice, or other hazards, so please check our alerts & announcements for closures & delayed openings if unsure.

    What do you have for Genealogy & local history resources?

    Just some of the resources are: the newly digitized and searchable archives of The Lime Rock Gazette, 1846-1850, The Rockland Gazette, 1851-1882, and The Courier Gazette, 1882-1920;

    Also, newspapers on microfilm – The Courier Gazette: 1846-2006, Rockland DailyStar: 1899-1906, Rockland Free Press: 1859-1890, Rockland Opinion: 1875-1917. We also have the online database – Ancestry Library, a full-service genealogy database. The Library has Vital Records of Rockland & area towns, the Maine Register from 1855 to the present, local cemetery records, and local history books.  Come in, call, or email us.

    What kind of programs do you have for children?

    All kinds! We have regular drawing classes on Tuesday afternoons, and LEGO™ Club on the third Thursday of the month. We offer Storytime & Crafts Wednesday and Saturday mornings, as well as Baby Time on Thursday mornings. Additionally we offer special programs such as puppet shows, magicians, music, art series, and oh so much more. Look at the Library events, or pick up a monthly Events Brochure.

    When is the Book Stop open and where is it located?

    AT PRESENT, the BOOK STOP is not open, due to COVID-19 restrictions.


    The Book Stop is open Monday through Saturday from 10 AM to 1 PM.  It is right across from the Community Room on the lower level of the Library.  Next to the Library, it’s the best bargain in town.

    For more information, please visit the Book Stop page.

    Where are the Library restrooms?

    Upper level:

    There is a rest room near the Reference Desk (on the left, just before you exit on the Union Street side), as well as in the Children’s Room.

    Lower level:

    There are two additional restrooms (men’s & women’s) on the lower level, adjacent to the Community Room.

    Visit our interactive map of the Library for more detailed information.

    Where is the Library located?

    The address for the Library is 80 Union Street, in Rockland, between Beech Street and Limerock Street. Click here for a Google™ map.  Please note that the Library’s parking lot is located on White Street which is clearly marked on the map. For directions to the Library simply use “White Street” as your destination.

    If looking for Library contact details, please visit our contact page here.

    Where is the Rockland Historical Society located?

    The Rockland Historical Society is housed in the lower level of the Library.  It has its own separate entrance, though often you can access it through the interior door from the Library.  It is open Tuesdays & Thursdays from 12 noon to 5:00 PM.

    About Rockland Public Library

    The Library serves the citizens of Rockland by providing the community with a comprehensive collection of materials and programs in a variety of formats, which engage, enlighten and educate; we organize the resources for ease of access, and offer guidance in their use; we support easy access to library collections throughout Maine and beyond. The Library staff responds to the changing requirements and requests of the public. We offer you a warm welcome to this safe, beautiful, and inspiring facility; its infrastructure supports the collections, programs, services, current and future technology, and it provides a meeting place for people and local organizations and entities. The Library is staffed with friendly, professional, knowledgeable people who are here to offer excellent service.

    Call us at 207-594-0310, or visit Welcome back! The Library is now open; see below for details. The hours at present are Monday to Friday 10 AM to 5 PM, and Saturdays 10 AM to 1 PM.

    Visit the About Rockland Library page for more information.

    Rockland Public Library Additional Information & Statistics

    The Rockland Public Library's mission is to foster community & connection, offer resources to inspire & encourage ideas, and provide the tools to explore our past, enrich our present, & empower our future.

    The private value of any public service is defined as the value accruing directly to the participants of the service (Kalambokidis, 2004); public value is defined as the value of a public service to individuals who do not use the service, but who benefit indirectly as others use the service (Kalambokidis, 2004)

    Libraries Encourage an Early Love of Reading, Leading to Greater Efficiency in Schools “Did you know that [Rockland Public] is a "Family Place Library," an initiative that helps libraries develop their full potential as community hubs for healthy child and family development, parent and community involvement, and lifelong learning beginning at birth? In addition to benefiting families with young children, this indirectly benefits all other local residents by making the community a more attractive place to live, which translates into better property values." Libraries Deliver Adult Educational Services, Benefiting Participants and Community "One of the most valuable but generally unnoticed services of our local library is the digital education programs for seniors. By helping seniors learn to use the Internet, the library fosters cultural awareness, self-sufficiency, and community investment in our older population. Indirectly this benefits all of us by helping to keep them in the community and contributing to its culture."

    Libraries Build a Sense of Community, Encouraging Civic Engagement
    "Our library is vital to our community as a public living room, where everyone—from natives to retirees 'from away'—is welcome, regardless of age, politics, or religion. While this directly benefits patrons, it also indirectly benefits the whole town because it makes the community a more attractive place, increasing home values."

    Excerpted from The Journal of Extension April 2015 // Volume 53 // Number 2 // Feature // 2FEA1 (Note: Rockland Public Library was a participant in this study, in 2013/2014)

    You can view our value statement by clicking here.


    Contact the Rockland Public Library

    (207) 594-0310
    Rockland Public Library Phone

    Rockland Public Library, 80 Union Street Rockland, Maine 04841
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