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    Amended and Adopted via Order #62; Effective 08/15/2023

    Lost materials:
    Full retail cost of the item or like-new replacement copy of the same edition

    Room Rentals:
    For rentals outside the Library’s open hours, an additional, sliding scale of $10-75 per hour may be charged; availability at the discretion of Library Director

    Community Room Rental:
    $25.00 per hour
    $50-75.00 if AV Equipment used; $50.00 if food permitted
    $175-560.00 (hourly fee-dependent) maximum all-day (up to 8 hours)
    $75.00 (separate) refundable damage deposit for AV equipment usage $50.00 (separate) refundable cleaning charge may be required when food is served or permitted
    $25.00 Room set-up charge (optional)
    $27.50 Additional Hourly Fee if Library staff AV service is required
    *NOTE: For renter charging fees to attendees: for less than a $25 fee, room rate is $35/70 per hour ($50.00 for food but no AV); for a fee of $25 or more, the rental rate is $40/80 per hour ($65.00 for food but no AV). Higher rate is for AV usage

    Board Room Rental:
    $15.00 per hour
    $20.00 per hour if food is permitted
    $130.00 maximum for all day use (up to 8 hours)]
    $50.00 (separate) refundable cleaning charge may be required when food is served or permitted

    The Office Rental:
    $10.00 hour
    $300/week (5 day rental)
    Monthly or longer rental periods might be negotiated with Library Director and City Manager

    Library Cards:
    $45.00 annually, non-residents, non-property owners of Rockland (individual or family)
    $25.00 three-month non-resident card
    No charge for non-Rockland, Knox County resident Children’s/YA and teachers’ cards in a Knox County school (through 12th grade)
    $10.00 annually; child’s card (through 12th grade) outside Knox County
    $1.00 replacement fee for lost card

    $0.15 photocopier
    $0.50 color copies
    $0.25 microfilm printout
    $0.25 computer printout

    Scanning service: $.10 per page, if staff assisted

    Book covering: $5-$7.50 depending on size

    Laminating: $1.00 doc, up to 8.5 x 11

    Fax Service: $1.75 first page; $1.00 each additional page

    Notary Services: $5.00 per document

    Genealogy research: $5.00 fee for obituary/death notice or news article, for searches taking less than an hour. Patrons will need to provide us with as much citation information or vital dates as possible. If research takes longer than one hour, a fee of $15/hr will be charged.
    Test Proctoring (per exam): $5.00 for Rockland Public Library card-holders; $10.00 non-cardholders; K through 12, free
    The Library Director may waive Fees and Library Cards if the Library Director determines that there is cause therefor, which cause may include, but need not be limited to incapacity to pay. The Library Director may reduce or waive a meeting room fee if the Library sponsors or co-sponsors the program.

    If you have any questions regarding fees or bookings, please don't hesitate to contact us.