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The Library, Flanagan Community Center and Council Chambers at City Hall are open during regular business hours if you need a place to keep warm.
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Rockland Maine, Weather

Tue, Jan 23
33F - 48F
Wed, Jan 24
22F - 40F
Thu, Jan 25
17F - 23F
Fri, Jan 26
16F - 21F
Sat, Jan 27
19F - 39F

  •       20F
  • Library Cards:

    • $45.00 annually, non-residents, non-property owners of Rockland (individual or family)
    • $25.00 three-month non-resident card
    • $10.00 RSU #13 Student Card/$20.00 non-RSU #13 Student Card
    • $1.00 replacement fee for lost card

    Late Fees:

    • Books, audiobooks, magazines, etc:    $.15 per day
    • Children's Books:   $.05 per day
    • All videos & DVDs:   $1.00 per day

    Community Room Rental:

    • $15.00 per hour
    • $30.00 per hour if AV Equipment used or food permitted
    • $100.00 maximum for half-day (four hours)
    • $200.00 maximum all-day (up to 8 hours)
    • $50.00  (separate)  refundable  security deposit  for AV equipment usage or  when food is permitted. Special events may require a higher security deposit of $85 to be determined by the library director or designee.
    • $45.00 per hour fee if room is scheduled outside of regular Library hours;  availability at the discretion of Library Director

    Rent this room here.

    Board Room Rental:

    • $7.50 per hour
    • $15.00 per hour if food is permitted
    • $75.00 maximum for all day use (up to 8 hours)

    Rent this room here.

    Fax Service:

    • $1.75 first page; $1.00 each additional page

    Scanning service:

    • $.10 per page

    Notary Services:

    • $5.00 per document

    Genealogy research:

    • $5.00 fee for obituary/ death notice or news article, for searches taking less than an hour. Patrons will need to provide us with as much citation information or vital dates as possible.   If research takes longer than one hour, a fee of $15/hr will be charged.

    If you have any questions regarding fees or bookings, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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