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  •  In City Manager's Office

    On Monday, June 17, the Rockland City Council approved the Fiscal Year 2025 municipal and operations budget, which is at the same level as last year’s budget—without an increase for inflation— by a vote of 5-0. The City Council and City Manager felt it was important to hold the line this year to help Rockland taxpayers who are dealing with the costs of inflation in other aspects of their lives.

    Though the City’s comprehensive plan recommends increases to the operating budget to keep up with inflation—which is necessary to maintain service levels and address repair needs—a zero percent budget was achieved by prudent fiscal management. While maintaining a flat budget, the Fiscal Year 2025 municipal budget supports critical city work, including creating a School Resource Officer/Parking Enforcement position, expanding the Sustainable Coordinator position, and creating a five-year paving plan.

    Rockland Mayor Nicole Kalloch commented: “For the second consecutive year, the City Council and the City Manager have worked hard to provide relief by not increasing the municipal budget while at the same time investing in our city departments, strengthening our infrastructure, and providing more city services. I am proud of this positive collaboration among City staff and the Council.”

    Taxes for the City of Rockland cover the costs not only of City operations but also Rockland’s share of school costs and Knox County expenses. The Municipal operations account for 43% of the budget overall.

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