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    The Rockland Police Department is in existence to improve the quality of life in the City of Rockland by providing the highest quality of police service

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    The Rockland Police Department is pleased to announce that this winter, we will again be participating in the “Sand for Seniors” program. Sand for Seniors is a program where Officers from the [...]

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    Police Department FAQs

    Can I have my fingerprints taken?

    We are sorry, but the Rockland Police Department can only provide this service to residents of the City of Rockland.  If you are not a Rockland resident please contact the your local law enforcement to schedule an appointment.

    How do I commend an officer?

    Everyone appreciates recognition when they do a good job.  Rockland Police Officers are no different.  Each year the Police Department receives many thank you letters, notes, or cards from members of the community.  However, there are probably many more commendable acts or deeds that go unnoticed.

    When you receive service from the Rockland Police Department that you feel is worthy of recognition, we would like to hear from you.  You may mail, call or send e-mail to:

    • Chief of Police
    • Rockland Police Department
    • 1 Police Plaza
    • Rockland, Maine 04841
    • Phone: (207) 594-0316
    • E-Mail:

    Please include all the information you can remember such as the officer’s name, date, time, and brief explanation of the event.  The officer will be notified of your acknowledgment and/or gratitude and it will be recorded in his/her personnel file.

    How do I contact the District Attorney’s office?

    The Knox County District Attorney’s Office is located on the corner of Union Street and Limerock Street, at 62 Union Street, Rockland Maine 04841.  The phone number is (207) 594-0424.

    How do I get a copy of a police report?

    Not every police report is available for public release.  Arrest reports that have not gone through the court system must be obtained through the District Attorney’s office.  Some records may be released in response to a specific inquiry that includes a name, date of birth, date of arrest and charge, or disposition (excluding intelligence or investigation information).  You should send a written request providing the suspect’s and/or victim’s names, the date of the incident, the case number (if available) and your connection to the case.  In your request, you should include a contact number for you in case there are questions or issues with processing your request.  The request should be mailed to the Records Division, 1 Police Plaza, Rockland, Maine 04841.  Reports may also be requested in the lobby of the Police Department, Monday through Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm (excluding Holidays).  You should allow a minimum of 3 business days for your request to be processed.  There is an administrative fee for this service.

    How do I get a copy of my crash report?

    Reportable crashes are now available on-line.  Have your crash incident number ready and go to Walk through the steps and you will have the most current crash report available.  If you request a report that is not done yet it will send you the report as soon as it is done.

    If you would like a copy of a non-reportable crash or do not have access to a computer then you can still go to the Rockland Police Department and make your request there.

    A reportable crash is a crash with personal injury, fatal, or property damage that the officer evaluates to be over the threshold of $1,000.00.

    How do I hire a detail officer?

    Sometimes there are special events like sporting events or road construction that require an officer be hired to be dedicated to a location or event.  In order to hire a detail officer you can complete the “Special Detail Request Form” and turn it into the Rockland Police Department Attn: Sergeant Matt Lindahl at least 10 days prior to the event.  The Rockland Police Department’s “Detail Rate” is determined by the Officers rate of pay.  A Detail officer is compensated for a minimum of 4 hours.

    Special Detail Request Form

    How do I make a complaint against an officer?

    If you wish to make a complaint about the action of a police officer or about any aspect of police operations, please:

    Come to the Police department and tell any employee that you wish to make a complaint; or

    Call the Police department or the City Manager’s office and tell the person answering the phone that you wish to make a complaint;


    Using the “Police/Citizen Complaint” form (attached below), write your complaint and mail it to:

    Chief of Police
    Rockland Police Department
    1 Police Plaza
    Rockland, Maine 04841

    A supervisory officer can assist you in filling out the form. This document asks you to identify yourself and then to give specific details about your complaint.

    • Your complaint will then be investigated. You may be contacted and asked additional questions about your complaint.
    • If it is going to take a long time to investigate your complaint, you will receive a letter telling you approximately when you may expect a reply.
    • When your complaint has been investigated, the Chief of Police will review the investigation and will write you a letter explaining what has been found out about the matter.

    Police/Citizen Complaint Form

    How do I pay or contest my traffic ticket?

    If you want to pay your traffic citation you can either mail the citation in with a personal check or money order in the envelope provided to the Maine Violations Bureau, or you can pay the traffic citation online by visiting With any further questions please call 1-866-729-8499.

    If you wish to contest the traffic citation you will need to check the box off on the back of the citation that you wish to contest and mail it in within 35 days after the citation was served on you. Once the Maine Violations Bureau receives your contested traffic citation, they will then in return provide you a court date so that you will be able to speak with the Officer and Judge.

    NOTE: With respect to speeding citation cases, Title 29-A Maine Revised Statutes Annotated Section 2075(4)(A) requires the Judge to find that the results of a measurement of your motor vehicle’s speed by radar must be considered “prima facie” evidence that your motor vehicle was in fact proceeding at the speed measured by the radar.

    How do I pay or dispute my parking ticket?

    If you wish to pay a parking ticket you can do this at Rockland Police Department, 1 Police Plaza, Rockland Maine 04841 or you can pay it at Rockland City Hall, 270 Pleasant Street, Rockland Maine 04841.

    If you wish to appeal a parking ticket that you have been issued you must fill out the Parking Ticket Appeal Form. Please write legibly and sign the form before submitting it.

    You must submit your appeal, within seven (7) business days of the ticket date, to the Deputy Chief of Police. Your appeal will be reviewed and a written decision will be forwarded to you by U.S. Mail within ten (10) business days from the receipt of your appeal.  Your penalty will not increase during the appeal process.

    What are the Rockland Police Department hours?


    The Rockland Police Department officers offer 24 hour police services.  There is a minimum of 2 Rockland Police Officers on duty at any time.  You can request an officer contact by calling Knox County Regional Communication Center at (207) 594-0677 or if it is an EMERGENCY call 911.


    If you need to drop off a protection order, get copies of reports, apply for concealed weapons permits, taxi licenses or other paperwork.  The office is open Monday – Friday from 9:00am – 5:00pm.  The office is closed for lunch so it is recommended you contact the Administrative Assistant, Sandi Freeman @ (207) 594-0316 Ext 221 so not to waste a trip.

    Administrative services will not be provided outside of the office hours unless it has been arranged ahead of time.


    ********* Due to COVID-19 in person contact is to a minimum.  Please call Administrative Assistant, Sandi Freeman @ (207) 594-0316 Ext 221 to decrease the amount of time actually needed to be at the office *********

    What to do when stopped by a police officer

    There are many different reasons why you might be stopped by the police:

    • You may have committed a traffic infraction/offense.
    • The police may want to warn you about a potentially dangerous situation.
    • Your vehicle may match the description of one used in a crime.
    • You may have witnessed a crime.

    Regardless of the reason, the officer needs your full cooperation.  If you are stopped by the police, you may feel confused, anxious, excited or angry.  Remember, traffic stops are very stressful and very dangerous for the officers. Each year, numerous officers are killed or seriously injured while making what some people call “routine” traffic stops.  Here’s what you should do when an officer stops you:

    • Maine law requires that motorists pull as far to the right a practical and come to a complete stop on the approach of any emergency vehicle with emergency lights/siren activated.
    • DO NOT exit your vehicle unless asked to do so by the officer
    • DO keep your hands in plain view on the steering wheel, so the officer can see them.
    • DO NOT make any sudden movements inside the vehicle, especially toward the floorboard, rear seat, or glove box areas.
    • If your license, vehicle registration, or insurance information are not within reach, tell the officer where they are located before you try and retrieve them.
    • Avoid becoming argumentative.  Arguing will not change an officer’s decision to issue a summons or a warning.  If you disagree with receiving a summons, you can argue the case at the Rockland District Court.
    • If asked to sign the summons, please do so.  It is not an admission of guilt and refusing to do so is an arrestable offense in the State of Maine.

    Questions / Comments / Complaints

    If you have a question about a procedure or a complaint about the officer, contact the department at (207) 594-0316 and ask to speak with the supervisor.  If you want to send a letter of compliment because an officer was particularly helpful or professional, you may send a letter to the Chief of Police.

    Related information

    If you receive a criminal summons and have questions about answering the summons or court date you can contact the Knox County District Attorney’s Office (207) 594-0424.

    Safety Concerns

    • Be sure that you and all your passengers always use safety belts.  They do save lives!
    • DO NOT Drink and Drive.  The Rockland Police Department aggressively seek out drunk or impaired drivers to keep our community safe.  If you drink use a designated driver.
    • Observe and obey all posted speed limits.  Fine amounts are expensive and insurance surcharges may result.
    • Drive defensively and with courtesy for your fellow motorists.
    Where do I send my business emergency contact information?

    If you have a business in Rockland Maine this form should be filled out to ensure emergency services have the required information to contact a representative from your business (and respond if needed) in case of an emergency or alarm.

    This form should be done at least once a year to confirm the information we have is still current. You should also send a form anytime there is a change in your business contact information.

    Below is a quick and easy way to provide the needed information.

    Business Emergency Contact Form

    This form will be sent directly to the Rockland Police Department and they will ensure your business file has the most up to date information.

    Mail: 1 Police Plaza, Rockland Maine 04841

    Fax: (207) 594-0313



    Where is the Rockland Police Department located?

    The Rockland Police Department is located at: 1 Police Plaza, Rockland Maine it is in the lower part of the Maine Lighthouse Museum. You can get directions or view our contact details here for more ways to contact us.

    Police Department Documents & Forms

    Here are a list of some of the commonly used Police Department forms. Note that you can also obtain these forms directly from the Police Department. If you do not find the document or form you are looking for, please feel free to call us (207) 594-0316 or request your document online.

    About Rockland Police Department

    The City of Rockland’s Police Department has been proudly serving our community since 1854. We have 18 full-time sworn officers, 1 full-time clerical staff, 1 full-time parking enforcement officer, and 1 part-time animal control officer (ACO).

    The Department’s Command Staff is comprised of the Chief of Police and Deputy Chief of Police. The Department’s Criminal Investigations Division (CID) consists of one Detective Sergeant, one Detective and one Drug Enforcement Agent. The Department’s Patrol Division is comprised of four Sergeants and ten Patrol Officers. Some officers are assigned to the Department’s Bicycle Patrol Unit, while others have specialized training in impaired driving detection, occupant protection enforcement, and liquor enforcement. The Department’s Support Services Division includes our clerical staff, parking enforcement and animal control officers.

    Police Department Additional Information & Statistics

    The mission of the Rockland Police Department is to provide the highest quality courteous and professional community-oriented police services. We are committed to maintaining and enhancing a strong and productive partnership with the community to prevent crime, enforce laws, maintain order,
    solve problems and improve the quality of life for the citizens of Rockland. We are dedicated to protecting life and property while assuring fair and equal treatment to everyone.

    The first tier, emergency response, represents the most basic level of service provided by the Department. These calls involve in-progress crimes where the presence of police officers is needed to repress criminal activity and protect citizens.  This includes responding to calls that involve violence, property destruction as well as medical emergencies.  These are time critical calls where officers can take some kind of prevention, deterrence or apprehension action or provide other emergency services.

    Tier two is non-emergency response; where officers respond to calls after the fact, primarily to collect the information and statements necessary to produce reports. These calls, while an important service, do not require rapid response— i.e. the business has already been vandalized, the bike already stolen.

    Tier three deals with quality of life issues, such as crime prevention efforts or traffic management duties. They help make our communities better places to live and are proactive and ongoing activities.  A focus on tier three is what reduces crime (or the need for more tier 1 services) in the medium to long term.

    The second and third tiers of police service delivery have always competed for staffing and financial resources, but as local budgets constrict, that competition becomes fiercer. The public expects that all tiers are addressed, and agencies with budget constraints are faced with finding new ways to continue delivering each tier of service. Due to constricting budgets the Police Department has  less capacity to deliver tier two and three services.

    • Expand on enforcement, prevention and outreach plans to reduce or eliminate those criminal behaviors before they develop.
    • Work with other community organizations to address the opiate addiction & mental health problems within the City of Rockland.
    • Deliver police services based on community needs.
    • Promote highway safety through fair and consistent traffic enforcement and prevention education.
    • Take equal and timely enforcement action on violations of criminal law.
    • Recruit and hire quality employees.
    • Continue to train employees in leadership skills.

    City of Rockland Crime Rate – Yearly Breakdown

    Calls For Service – Monthly Breakdown

    Contact the Police Department

    You can contact the Police Department using the details below or by completing the online form. For domestic animal complaints, please contact the Knox County Dispatch (see below). Always dial 911 in an emergency.

    (207) 593-9132
    Knox County Dispatch

    (207) 594-0316
    Police Department Office

    Rockland Police, One Police Plaza Rockland, ME 04841
    Get directions