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EMERGENCY CITY-WIDE PARKING BAN IN EFFECT: The City of Rockland is declaring a snow emergency parking ban. This declared parking ban prohibits parking of any vehicles upon all of the city streets and municipal parking lots, starting at 12:00 AM on Sunday 1/20/19 to 8:00 AM on Monday 1/21/19, then again from 10:00 PM on Monday 1/21/19 to 6:00 AM Tuesday 1/22/19. During this timeframe, it shall be unlawful for any person to park or cause to be parked, or permit to remain parked, or to abandon or to leave unattended, any vehicle of any kind or description upon streets; provided, however, that vehicles may be parked for a period of no longer than ten minutes for actual loading or unloading of property, and provided further that no other ordinance restricting parking is thereby violated. Vehicles found in non- compliance with this Snow Emergency parking ban, which interfere with the operation of any snow removal equipment or any emergency vehicle will be towed. The City Manager or Director of Public Services shall effect such removal of vehicles through the Police Department of the city and the cost of removal and storage of any vehicle shall be paid by the owner or operator thereo
Main Street overflow parking during the Parking Ban will be at the Flanagan Community Center on Union Street.

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  • The Rockland Police Department has a fleet of 5 marked police vehicles, 6 specialty vehicles and three unmarked vehicles.

    Marked Vehicle: 2007 Chevy Silverado, 2013 Chevy Tahoe, 2 - 2015 Ford Interceptor Utility vehicles.

    Specialty Vehicles: Boat, Motorcycle, 4-wheeler, 6 Bicycle, 2016 Ford Interceptor Utility.

    Equipment: Electronic speed measurement message board, 5- Tazer X2.



    Ford Interceptor Utility

    This 2015 Ford Interceptor Utility replaced the 2009 Ford Crown Victoria police vehicle.  This vehicle in assigned to the sergeants for patrol.  It is patrol ready and equipped the same as the front line units. Video

    Both 2015 Ford Interceptor Utility vehicles are laid out identical.

    Chevrolet Tahoe

    The 2013 Chevy Tahoe is a 4 wheel drive special service vehicle.  The size of this vehicle allows for the easy towing of trailers and movement of safety equipent.  This vehicle is equipped with all the standard equipment and is a front line patrol vehicle.  With the 4 wheel drive and high ground clearance it allows for officer to get where needed when needed in all weather conditions. Video.

    Chevrolet Silverado

    The 2007 Chevrolet Silverado pick up truck is a specialty vehicle not routinely used for patrol.  This vehicle is used in weather conditions that require 4 wheel drive.  This vehicle is equipped with a towing package that allows for the movement of the sign board and public safety boat.  The pick up bed allows for the transportation of temporary stop signs in bad weather conditions and the transportation of saw horses and road cones for the seasonal festivals and events.

    Harley-Davidson Electra Glide

    The 2012 Harley-Davidson Electra Glide police motorcycle is a patrol vehicle that operates during the day and night, as weather permits.  The motorcycle is outfitted with much of the same equipment found in a patrol car.

    Police Boat

    The Rockland Public Safety vessel is maintained and operated by the Rockland Police Department.  This boat is used to patrol Rockland harbor, maintaining the safety and security of the vessels and people that enjoy the Rockland Harbor.  The vessel is used to transport EMS personal to medical emergencies on the Rockland Breakwater and Fire calls on the water.  This vessel is equipped with emergency response equipment.


    Rockland Police Department was able to utilize this All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) This ATV enables the department to more effectively patrol the remote areas within the City and deal with the growing number of complaints involving these types of vehicles.  The ATV is also used in assisting with the setting up and tearing down of road closure barriers and clearing of parade routes for seasonal events.The ATV has been used for the transportation of persons and equipment in remote areas that vehicles can not get to. Officers serving on the ATV Unit have received advanced training in the use and safe operation of the vehicles.

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