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  • The Rockland Police Department has a fleet vehicles that allow for versatility in the community

    Marked Vehicle: 4 - Chevy Tahoes

    Specialty Vehicles:  4-wheeler, 6 Bicycle, Unmarked Ford F150 Special Service Vehicle.

    Equipment: 2 - Electronic speed measurement message board, Tazer X2, Axon Body Worn Cameras



    Ford F150 Special Service Vehicle

    This 2020 Ford F150 Special Service Vehicle is used for special details where you would like to blend in a little more like underage drinking details, speed enforcement, seatbelt enforcement or Electronic device enforcement.  This vehicle is patrol ready and equipped the same as the front line units.  It also allows for the movement of road cones and saw horses in emergency situations or in preparation for parades and festivals.

    4 - Chevrolet Tahoe

    The Police Department uses 3 Chevy Tahoe police vehicles that are 4 wheel drive patrol vehicles.  The size of these vehicles allow for the easy towing of trailers and movement of safety equipment.  These vehicles are equipped with all the standard equipment and used as front line patrol vehicles.  With the 4 wheel drive and high ground clearance it allows for officers to get where needed, when needed in all weather conditions.


    Rockland Police Department was able to utilize this All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) This ATV enables the department to more effectively patrol the remote areas within the City and deal with the growing number of complaints involving these types of vehicles.  The ATV is also used in assisting with the setting up and tearing down of road closure barriers and clearing of parade routes for seasonal events.  The ATV has been used for the transportation of persons and equipment in remote areas that vehicles can not get to. Officers serving on the ATV Unit have received advanced training in the use and safe operation of the vehicles.