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  • Police Chief, Tim Carroll
    The Chief of Police leads the police department and is responsible for its overall operation. He plans and executes the budget; authorizes all policies and procedures; and works closely with other department heads, community leaders, and other agencies to ensure that Rockland's citizens receive the best police services possible.

    Deputy Police Chief, Alex Gaylor
    The Deputy Police Chief provides leadership and command for all uniformed patrol, Criminal Investigations and specialty services.  He is second-in-command of the police department and serves as Chief in the Chief's absence.

    The patrol division is the foundation of the Rockland Police Department. Nearly all citizen contact with the Police Department starts with and often times is exclusively with the Patrol Division. The patrol officer is the first officer to respond to calls for assistance and is the officer who is visible in the community to render aid and help to make the community safer.

    Patrol Officers take initial complaints, conduct investigations as necessary, and develop a resolution which may include court action. The initial officer may enlist the help of other officers, detectives or officers from other agencies.

    Patrol Officers are also responsible for the safe flow of traffic through the city. They investigate accidents, enforce traffic laws, and direct traffic at accident scenes and special functions. Frequently the only contact one has with a Patrol Officer is the result of some type of traffic related incident.

    It is our mission to promote the highest level of public safety and quality of life, through exceptional police service to town residents, businesses and visitors. Focusing first and foremost on crime prevention, protection of people and property and the preservation of peace and order, through fair equitable enforcement of laws, while carefully safeguarding the dignity of all of those who are touched by the process.

    Patrol Division - Day Shift:

    • Sergeant Andrew Redden
    • Sergeant Dan DuHamel
    • Officer John Bagley
    • Officer Vacancy
    • Officer Vacancy

    Patrol Division - Night Shift:

    • Sergeant Scott Redmun II
    • Sergeant Michael Izzi
    • Officer Jordan Jandreau
    • Officer Jeff Aeschlimann
    • Officer Logan Finnegan
    • Officer Corie Pritchette
    • Officer Vacancy
    • Officer Vacancy
    • Officer Vacancy


    The Bike Patrol Unit's goal is to provide our residents and visitors to the city with an unsurpassed level of expertise and dedication.  They embrace the idea of community policing by making themselves more approachable and accessible to the citizens of our community.  The Bike Officer's primary responsibility is to facilitate positive police / civilian relations by interfacing with the general public throughout the city on a daily basis.

    In addition to routine daily activities, the Bicycle Patrol staffs as many community events as possible including but not limited to the Lobster Festival, and Blues Festival. The Bike Unit also participate in bike rodeos and safety talks throughout the summer months.

    The Rockland Police Department Bicycle Patrol Unit is committed to reducing quality of life offenses throughout the city and dedicated to keeping the City of Rockland a safe and enjoyable place to live and visit.  Often used in targets where calls for service are high, the unit focuses on offenses such as public intoxication, street level substance abuse, common disruptions of disorderly groups, and parking/noise violations. The stealth approach of the bicycles has surprised many an unwitting criminal here in Rockland.

    The community has been very receptive to the Bicycle Patrol Officers and many residents are now requesting additional bicycle patrols in their neighborhoods.  Members of the Rockland Police Bicycle Patrol truly believe in the mutual benefits of community policing and look forward to fostering positive community relations for many years to come.

    Bike Patrol Officers:

    • Sergeant Scott Redmun
    • Officer John Bagley
    • Officer Jordan Jandreau

    The Liquor Enforcement Unit patrols the establishments with liquor licenses and write administrative violations if needed.

    These officers work closely with the supervisor of liquor licensing in Augusta Maine.

    The Liquor Enforcement Unit frequently check establishments within the city for administrative violations.  These administrative violations are supportive to other criminal violations like underage drinking and operating under the influence (OUI).

    In the year 2010 the the Liquor Enforcement Unit conducted 14 compliance checks in the city.  The Liquor Enforcement Unit issued 5 warnings for administraive violations and issued 9 summonses for Allowing a Visibly intoxicated person (VIP) to remain on premise, Sale to VIP, allowing liquor to leave the licensed property.

    In addition to the Liquor Enforcement Unit the Rockland Police Department participated in several special enforcement details focusing on OUI Enforcement and underage drinking.

    Liquor Enforcement Unit Officers

    • Sergeant Andrew Redden
    • Detective Sergeant Alex Gaylor

    Administrative Secretary, Sandi Stauffer-Freeman
    The Administrative Secretary works with the Chief and Deputy Police Chief in administrative functions. She also processes department billing and payroll requirements, and assists records personnel as necessary.

    Parking Enforcement, Troy Peasley
    The Parking Enforcement Officer patrols the downtown area enforcing parking violations on Main Street.  The Parking Enforcement Officer also patrols parking lots looking for Handicapped and fire lane violations.

    The Rockland Police Department Criminal Investigation Division (CID) is presently staffed by one supervisor who holds the rank of Sergeant and two Detectives. The primary tasks of the CID is the investigation of all criminal activity that has impact on the City of Rockland and its citizens. If the investigation is linked to numerous other investigations involving several officers, or is an investigation requiring specialized training the Criminal Investigations Division becomes the primary investigator.

    It is the responsibility of the Rockland Police Detectives, to conduct follow-up investigations of serious crimes against people, property, check and credit fraud, arson, homicides, and any criminal offenses which are committed within our jurisdiction or as requested by the Chief of Police and the District Attorney’s Office.

    We collect and maintain evidence for criminal prosecution and conduct special criminal intelligence investigations. Rockland Police Detectives utilize professional training, experience, and specialized investigative techniques to navigate the maze of complexities associated with crime and its investigation.

    Rockland Police Detectives evaluate facts gathered from physical evidence, witness statements, and documentation in order to determine that, in fact, a crime was committed, who committed the crime, and to assist the District Attorney's Office in prosecuting the offenders. In providing the citizens of Rockland a safer community, the dedication and commitment of the men and woman of the Rockland Police Department is unmatched.

    Criminal Investigations Division Officers

    • Detective Sergeant Alex Gaylor
    • Detective Anne Griffith