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    The Rockland Police Department is looking for qualified applicants interested in joining the ranks of an elite team of men and women who are dedicated to protecting the community and ensuring a good quality of life.

    Being a Rockland Police Officer requires honesty, dedication, and pride. From the day you put on the Rockland Police Officer’s uniform you are immediately held to a higher standard. The stringent hiring process insures only the highest level candidate will become a Rockland Police Officer.

    The Rockland Police Department consists of a Police Chief, Deputy Police Chief, 4 Patrol Sergeants and 9 Patrol Officers.  The department also has a Detective Sergeant, Detective, and Narcotics Detective.  Support services for the department are Parking Enforcement Officer, Secretary, Animal Control Officer (part-time). You can view all Rockland Police divisions in more detail here.

    The Rockland Police Department has been proudly serving our community Since 1854.


    We are a premier law enforcement agency offering the advancement and specialization opportunities of a large department with the community feel of a smaller agency. Rockland's unique location on the mid-coast Maine seacoast offers the opportunity to work in an urban policing environment with the option of more rural living. We are the sweet spot located between Portland, Augusta and Bangor. Recreational opportunities, excellent restaurants, retail options and educational institutions are abundant. And the area offers a safe, welcoming Downtown Rockland and affordable place to live and raise a family.

    Like all police departments, our hiring process is rigorous, but we do our best to make it as user-friendly and expeditious as possible. We keep applicants informed of their progress and what is necessary to succeed in the hiring process.

    Moving to Maine? Learn more about Rockland and it's environment go to Penobscot Bay Chamber of Commerce

    Wages: A person hired by the Rockland Police Department with no prior law enforcement experience will start at a rate of pay of $23.53 per hour. Rockland Police Officers are paid weekly.  Officers with prior law enforcement experience can be hired with up to 10 years experience credit based on qualifying training and experience. Qualifying training and experience allows for a starting pay range of $23.53 to $27.53 per hour. A patrol officer position tops out at $28.06 per hour, after 15 years of service.

    Shift Differential:

    Evening shift (4:00pm - 2:00am) - $0.75 per hour.

    Night shift (9:00pm - 7:00am) - $1.00 per hour.

    Health Insurance: A group health insurance program is available to full time officers. The Police Department participates in Northern New England Benefit Trust (Teamsters). This plan covers Medical, Eye and Dental. The employee pays 23% ($103.03) on a weekly basis, regardless of family status.

    Earned Time Off:

    Vacation Time: You will accrue vacation days monthly for the first year (2 weeks annually) after that you will accrue 3 weeks after 5 years, 4 Weeks after 10 Years and 5 Weeks after 20 Years. Holidays: Officers have 12 holidays and a floating holiday.

    Sick Leave: Sick Leave accrues at the rate of 1 day of sick leave per month completed. Sick Bonus Days: Officers completing 3 consecutive months of employment without using sick leave will be granted a 1/2 day off with pay. 12 consecutive months without the use of sick leave will allow you 2 full days off with pay.

    Compensatory Time Off: Time worked in excess of your regular scheduled shift or in excess of 40 hours per week can be earned as compensatory time at a rate of 1 1/2 time in lieu of being paid over time.

    Personal Days:  Yearly Officers get "Personal Days" that can be used through out the year. 1-4 Years - 2 days, 5-9 Years - 4 Days, 10+ Years - 5 Days

    Retirement: The City participates in the Maine State Retirement System (MSRS 3C Plan). Such program includes two-thirds (2/3) pay of your average top three years, as computed by the MPERS, after 25 years of service with no age attainment required.

    Work Week: Rockland Officers are assigned to the patrol division work four (4) consecutive ten (10) hour shifts per week. The shifts are set (not rotating) 4 on 3 off every Monday to Sunday. Rockland Officers work Day Shift, 7:00am to 5:00pm, Evening Shift 4:00pm to 2:00am, or Night Shift 9:00pm to 7:00am. Shift assignments are set based on rank and seniority with a bid annually.

    Longevity: Rockland Police Officers receive $10.00 for every 5 years employed with the City of Rockland.

    Education: Rockland Police Officers receive an educational stipend of $0.75 per hour for an Associates Degree, $1.00 per hour for a Bachelors Degree, or $1.25 per hour for a Masters Degree. Rockland Officers will be reimbursed tuition expenses (Based on University of Maine rates) for up to six (6) credit hours per year provided the Officer achieves a grade of 2.0 or higher in that course.

    The Rockland Police Department accepts applications for entry level police officer positions only when vacancies occur.

    Application: You can download the Rockland Police Employment Application or obtain one in person from either:

    • Rockland City Hall, 270 Pleasant Street, Rockland, Maine 04841
    • Rockland Police, One Police Plaza Rockland, ME 04841

    The application must be accompanied by a cover letter and resume. Resumes are used as part of the screening process so candidates are advised to submit a solid, professional resume. Upon receipt of your application, we will notify you of the next available written test date.

    Resume Review: A committee reviews the resumes for basic qualifications such as educational experience, work experience, skills (i.e. foreign languages) and activities. This process is competitive and a well-written resume that shows some preparation for police work is helpful.

    Physical Fitness Test: Candidates must pass the Maine Criminal Justice Academy's physical fitness test prior to attending the Academy. The test consists of sit-ups, push-ups, and a timed 1.5 mile run. A significant number of candidates are unable to pass the fitness test and, consequently must be removed from our hiring process. Please take the time to review the fitness requirements and adopt a training plan to ensure you are prepared to pass the test.

    For more information on the physical fitness test, click here. Under the section 'Basic Law Enforcement Training Program' look for the 40% Entrance and 50% Exit PT Standards Effective.

    Written Test: Produced by a national testing firm, the written aptitude capacity test consists of multiple choice questions which measure general aptitude and attributes important in performing as an entry level police officer. The test is administered in person at the Rockland Police Department or other designated area within the city.

    Citizen Review Panel: Candidates who pass the written and fitness tests are interviewed by a citizens panel and the Chief of Police. These interviews are low stress with questions intended to prompt candidates to talk about themselves. The panel makes recommendations to the Chief of Police of the candidates that are qualified to be Rockland Police Officers.

    Law Enforcement Oral Board: Candidates who are supported by the civilian panel will continue to the Law Enforcement Oral Board. This board consists of Law Enforcement Officers from this department and area departments. This review could have questions to establish, situation responses, evaluate integrity, and measure dedication. Completion of this oral board will allow candidates to be placed on a list.

    Background Investigation: The top candidate in the process is given a background packet to complete. The completed packet is assigned to an investigator who will work to verify its contents. The purpose of the investigation is to uncover any disqualifying events in a candidate's history. Honesty is at a premium here and false information, misinformation, or failure to disclose information will lead to removal from the hiring process.

    Conditional Job Offer: Candidates who satisfactorily complete the interview and background investigation may receive a conditional job offer. Upon acceptance of that offer, the next stages of the process take place.

    Medical Exam: Candidates are required to undergo a comprehensive medical examination designed to reveal any medical condition that may affect work performance or require some sort of accommodation.

    Psychological Examination: All applicants must complete a psychological examination.

    Polygraph Examination: All applicants must complete a polygraph examination. Again, the emphasis is on honesty.

    Upon completion of all steps in the hiring process, the Chief of Police shall make a final review of the candidate's complete background file and determine if the candidate shall be given a job offer. Successful candidates are sworn in and begin their career as a Rockland Police Officer.

    The City of Rockland is an affirmative action/equal opportunity employer. We are fully committed to encouraging minority and/or female candidates to apply.

    If you have any questions about the Rockland Police Department Hiring process, please feel free to contact Sergeant Ken Smith.

    Post Academy - Lateral Transfer

    The Rockland Police Department welcomes full-time certified law enforcement officers from Maine and beyond.  We offer salary commensurate with years of police service and our hiring process is expeditious and accommodating. The entire lateral hiring process may be completed in as little as two trips to Rockland.

    Post academy (Lateral Entry) pay range

    $48,942.40 ($23.53/Hr) to $57,262.40 ($27.53/Hr)

    *** Post academy pay range is dependent on qualifying training and experience **

    A sign-on bonus of $10,000.00 will be paid to candidates who currently hold a fulltime law enforcement certificate or are eligible to receive a waiver from the Maine Criminal Justice Academy.  This bonus will be paid upon successful completion of the Field Training Program.