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Rockland Maine, Weather


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  • The Rockland Police Department has a variety of specialized fields to offer

    Crash reconstruction in action - Image courtesy of Maine State Police

    Crash reconstrictionists actively reconstruct traffic crashes, using the most up-to-date universally accepted investigative methodology and scientific principles. The Crash reconstrictionists provides accurate, complete crash investigation and reconstruction services to the motoring public and allied agencies.

    Crash reconstructionist's utilize:

    • Time-distance calculations
    • Tire mark evaluation
    • Roadway evidence and vehicle evidence
    • Minimum speed calculations
    • Knowledge of critical speed
    • Falls and vaults
    • Scene mapping
    • Drag factor/coefficient of friction measurement, determination, and calculation
    • Momentum

    Training courses such as crash reconstruction school and crash reconstruction related seminars are periodically offered or hosted by the Maine State Police through the Crash Reconstruction Program.

    The Crash Reconstruction Program uses the latest equipment to map crashes and crime scenes and collect evidence. Survey equipment such as the total station and, Vericom performance computers, digital cameras, and tape measures are used by CRP reconstructionists. Crash scenes are mapped using total stations, triangulation, and base line offset techniques. The CRP currently uses the latest version of AR Pro software.

    The Crash Reconstruction Program utilizes peer review, standardized procedures, and a standardized reconstruction report format. The CRP provides continuing education and training to its current reconstructionists and implements selection criteria and testing for new candidates. The CRP is managed by a program coordinator who ensures quality control and facilitates day to day operations for the program.

    A Rockland Police Officer playing 4 square with local middle school kids

    If you like people.  The City of Rockland has a diverse population.  You will have the opportunity to get out from behind the desk and meet those people.  We have opportunities like walking Main Street, Sporting event details and festivals that allow for interaction with all the good people that live here and visit our fine city.

    If you have the drive to get into a more investigative role.  Maybe becoming a detective is for you.  The Rockland Police Department Criminal Investigation Division (CID) is presently staffed by one supervisor who holds the rank of Sergeant and two Detectives. The primary tasks of the CID is the investigation of all criminal activity that has impact on the City of Rockland and its citizens. If the investigation is linked to numerous other investigations involving several officers, or is an investigation requiring specialized training the Criminal Investigations Division becomes the primary investigator.

    The Rockland Police Department has made drug enforcement a top priority. Drug addiction is the leading cause of other crimes such as assaults, thefts, and burglaries.  To combat the extensive drug problem in Mid-coast Maine, the Rockland Police Department works closely with the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency (MDEA). For the past several years the Rockland Police Department has partnered with MDEA to provide an officer to serve as a special drug enforcement investigator. This officer works exclusively with other agents at MDEA to investigate drug crimes that occur in the mid coast.

    The Rockland Police Department also has Drug Recognition Expert's (DREs). A drug recognition expert, or evaluator, is a police officer specifically trained to recognize impairment in drivers under the influence of drugs other than, or in addition to, alcohol.

    The Bike Patrol Unit’s goal is to provide our residents and visitors to the city with an unsurpassed level of expertise and dedication.  They embrace the idea of community policing by making themselves more approachable and accessible to the citizens of our community.  The Bike Officer’s primary responsibility is to facilitate positive police / civilian relations by interfacing with the general public throughout the city on a daily basis.

    In addition to routine daily activities, the Bicycle Patrol staffs as many community events as possible including but not limited to the Lobster Festival, and Blues Festival. The Bike Unit also participate in bike rodeos and safety talks throughout the summer months.

    The Rockland Police Department Bicycle Patrol Unit is committed to reducing quality of life offenses throughout the city and dedicated to keeping the City of Rockland a safe and enjoyable place to live and visit.  Often used in targets where calls for service are high, the unit focuses on offenses such as public intoxication, street level substance abuse, common disruptions of disorderly groups, and parking/noise violations. The stealth approach of the bicycles has surprised many an unwitting criminal here in Rockland.

    The community has been very receptive to the Bicycle Patrol Officers and many residents are now requesting additional bicycle patrols in their neighborhoods.  Members of the Rockland Police Bicycle Patrol truly believe in the mutual benefits of community policing and look forward to fostering positive community relations for many years to come.

    In conjunction with the Maine Marine Patrol and the United States Coast Guard, the members of the Rockland Harbor Patrol enforce marine laws within the Rockland Harbor. Our mission includes ensuring the safety of all boaters and the protection of coastal property. In addition to this, we also respond to rescue calls, vessels in distress, and incidences on the Rockland Breakwater. We work closely with our local Harbor Mater to ensure compliance within the mooring areas.

    The drug recognition expert's main focus is the detection and recognition of drug-impaired drivers. But DREs have used, and continue to use, their specialized training and skills to assist in many other areas of public safety. Many DREs are considered the drug experts in their communities and their agencies.  Rockland Police Department DRE's are some of the best in the state.  They have been used to testify in court, Speak to legislature giving advise for the implementation of laws and a resource for other officers and the community.

    Do you ride a motorcycle?  Maybe being a motor Officer is what you want to do.

    The Motorcycle Patrol Unit consists of a 2012 Harley-Davidson Electra Glide police motorcycle.

    The Motorcycle Patrol Unit operates during the day and night, as weather permits.  The motorcycle is outfitted with much of the same equipment found in a patrol car.

    The officers assigned to the Motorcycle Patrol Unit have the same objectives as regular patrol officers:  protect life and property, enforce Maine's criminal and motor vehicle laws, and improve the quality of life for residents and visitors in Rockland.  However, the motorcycle officers concentrate their patrols in the residential developments and shopping areas to better interact with the public.  Additionally, when requested, the Motorcycle Patrol Unit will provide escorts and traffic assistance for dignitaries, funerals, parades, and other special events in Rockland.

    Officers who are assigned to the unit must complete an extensive training program.   The officers are required to perform slow speed maneuvers while maintaining total control over the motorcycle.  "Cone courses" are set up to simulate real world riding situations in which the officers must avoid obstacles, make tight u-turns, and use the motorcycle for cover from gunfire.

    If you want to be a police office AND be able to ride the trails.  Maybe ATV Patrol will interest you.

    ATV Patrol enables the department to more effectively patrol the remote areas within the City and deal with the growing number of complaints involving these types of vehicles.  The ATV is also used in assisting with the setting up and tearing down of road closure barriers and clearing of parade routes for seasonal events.The ATV has been used for the transportation of persons and equipment in remote areas that vehicles can not get to. Officers serving on the ATV Unit have received advanced training in the use and safe operation of the vehicles.

    Once you have honed your skills as a Police Officer and become one of the finest law Enforcement Officers in the State you might want to share your knowledge.

    The Rockland Police Department ensures their officers have the ability to become some of the most trained in the State of Maine.  Once you are able to perform to this level you might be invited to become an instructor at the Maine Criminal Justice Academy.  Several Rockland Police Officers are instructors at the Academy.  They instruct at the Pre-Service training, Full Time Academy, In-Service training as well as the final 2 practical training weeks of the full time academy.

    If you like firearms or have an interest in shooting.  Maybe being a firearms instructor is for you.

    Firearms instructors establish certification requirements and procedures for officers to assure proper qualifications, training, education, experience, and effectiveness.  Rockland firearms instructors train Rockland Officers as well as other officers and academy cadets in the safe handling of firearms.  Firearms Instructors also teach and evaluate firearm handling habits to ensure annual qualifications are met.

    Firearms Instructors can also be trained to be Taser Instructors for the proper use and execution of the taser.

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