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EMERGENCY CITY-WIDE PARKING BAN IN EFFECT: The City of Rockland is declaring a snow emergency parking ban. This declared parking ban prohibits parking of any vehicles upon all of the city streets and municipal parking lots, starting at 12:00 AM on Sunday 1/20/19 to 8:00 AM on Monday 1/21/19, then again from 10:00 PM on Monday 1/21/19 to 6:00 AM Tuesday 1/22/19. During this timeframe, it shall be unlawful for any person to park or cause to be parked, or permit to remain parked, or to abandon or to leave unattended, any vehicle of any kind or description upon streets; provided, however, that vehicles may be parked for a period of no longer than ten minutes for actual loading or unloading of property, and provided further that no other ordinance restricting parking is thereby violated. Vehicles found in non- compliance with this Snow Emergency parking ban, which interfere with the operation of any snow removal equipment or any emergency vehicle will be towed. The City Manager or Director of Public Services shall effect such removal of vehicles through the Police Department of the city and the cost of removal and storage of any vehicle shall be paid by the owner or operator thereo
Main Street overflow parking during the Parking Ban will be at the Flanagan Community Center on Union Street.

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  • So You Want To Start A Business In Rockland, Maine?

    Congratulations on making the decision to start a business in Rockland! Rockland provide’s businesses (new and existing) with many free business development services that are designed to help you quickly get your business up and running and put you in touch with dedicated business development professionals that also want to see your business succeed.

    Where do I start?

    Starting a new business, especially for the first time is an exciting endeavor, but also can be a daunting. We recommend that your first stop is to talk to us to discuss your plans.

    How We Can Help

    • Assistance with Licensing & Permitting – Rockland’s Economic & Community Development Department’s staff help businesses navigate the City’s regulatory requirements.  We can provide you guidance and connect you with the right people in order to help you successfully and quickly navigate the licencing and permitting process.
    • Technical Assistance for Businesses – We work in partnership with organizations that provide free specialist business counselling services.  We can connect you with the appropriate business Counselors from the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) and Maine Stream Finance.
    • Business Finance – The City administers the Knox County microloan program and partners with a number of organizations that provide alternative financing options for businesses of all sizes.
    • Networking – We can help your business network with other businesses, organizations and service providers that can help your business to grow and thrive.
    • Site Location & Relocation – Are you considering locating or relocating your business in Rockland? We can assist you in finding an appropriate location that meets your needs and goals.
    • Business Incentives – The City of Rockland can provide incentives for businesses through local and State programs.

    We’re here to help, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions.

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