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  • The Revision Energy solar farm that supplies the City’s net metering credits. Our 5,090 solar panels keep 2.3 million pounds of carbon out of the atmosphere each year — enough to offset the emissions of a car driving the perimeter of the US (lower 48) 588 times.


    Sustainability is the nexus of environmental stewardship, social equity, and economic prosperity. A community focus on sustainability will result in a future that is resilient, fiscally responsible, respectful of our heritage; and allow the City to gracefully meet the challenges it will face over the decades and centuries to come.


    Recharge Rockland is making it easier for Rockland residents and business owners to access information about state and federal incentives for energy efficiency and electrification.

    Go to Recharge Rockland


    In October 2019 Rockland City Council passed a climate action resolution that included two key goals:
    • 100% municipal renewable electricity by 2025
    • City-wide carbon neutrality by 2045

    In 2020 the City conducted a baseline study of energy and fuels usage in City operations. The goals of the baseline study were to better understand utility and fuels costs incurred by the city, clearly summarize emissions associated with energy and fuel use, and provide a benchmark for progress associated with Rockland City Council’s October 2019 resolution.

    Based on the City’s baseline study of 2018 fuels, the City has already started to implement energy projects that are saving money, reducing the City’s overall emissions, and helping to meet city-wide goals. Progress includes:
    • $135,000 in estimated annual energy savings
    • 100% renewable electricity - ACHIEVED
    • 71% emissions reduction for energy and fuels (1)
    • Over $2,000,000 in estimated lifetime energy savings


    Sustainability is a cross-cutting theme in City operations. Examples of projects include:

    Municipal Energy Usage and Building Performance

    • Solar power purchase agreement/net energy billing
    • Conversion to LED streetlights
    • LED lighting in City buildings
    • New energy supply contract
    • Energy efficiency improvements to the Flanagan Center and Library
    • Wastewater treatment plant efficiency upgrades

    Climate Resiliency

    • Sea level rise mapping for City-owned properties as part of the harbor management plan
    • Assessment of Middle Pier vulnerabilities, via Maine Coastal program
    • Stormwater management plan development


    • EV charging station at Custom House Parking Lot
    • Bike lanes, sharerows, and share the road signage
    • Bike repair station and bike racks on City properties

    Natural Resource Management

    • Rockland designated as a Tree City in 2020
    • No synthetic pesticides or herbicides used on City property since 2013
    • Lawn care and pesticide ordinance
    • 2 community gardens located on City property
    • Native plants/pollinator friendly plantings in City landscaping
    • Fruit trees at planted at the wastewater treatment plant

    Community Energy Usage

    • Efficiency Maine award in 2015 in recognition of community weatherization initiative

    Solid Waste

    • Single-sort recycling implemented in 2019

    CONTACT:, 207-594-0300 EXT 228

    (1) Total City Government emissions would also include those associated with landfill operations and other scope 1 emissions not directly included in energy and fuel usage.