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Due to flu season and the corona virus, if you are experiencing fever or cough please call us instead and we will do what we can to serve you while preventing the spread of illness. Thank you! 594-0300
Thompson Meadow Road is closed effective Monday, September 16th, 2019. Approximate re-opening schedule is 30 days.

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  • Rockland’s Fire and EMS Department offers a variety of services that are designed to help bolster the department’s role in improving fire safety throughout the community. We encourage residents to take advantage of these services and contact us with any questions related to fire safety or the services below.

    Services Offered

    We provide car seat safety checks and installations for anyone who needs to be reassured their child’s car seat is installed correctly.  Our technicians are certified by the Maine Bureau of Highway Safety and will be able to answer any questions you may have about inspection procedures and installs.

    We provide inspections for chimneys, wood stove, and other solid fuel burning equipment.  Our inspections are done per NFPA 211 standards and are done per the homeowners request.  Before you use a solid fuel burning appliance, make sure it is properly installed and/or call us (207) 594-0318 with any questions.

    NFPA 101, Life Safety Inspections are done in accordance to the City of Rockland’s Charter, Chapter 4, Article II.

    If you have any questions about proper installation of a smoke detector or carbon monoxide detector, please contact us.  We can provide you with the proper information and even assist with the install if needed.

    We offer fire extinguisher training to citizens as well as businesses within Rockland. All inquiries can be made in person at the fire station or by calling (207) 594-0318.

    To obtain a free burn permit, you can either come down to the fire station or visit the Warden’s Report website.

    Click here to view the Rockland Open Burning Rules & Regulations.

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