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Seasonal Road Postings are in effect for the following roads: Thomaston Street, Sherer's Lane, West Meadow Road, Mountain Road, Bog Road and Tolman Road. Please see our complete Seasonal Road Posting Policy in the Documents section for further information.
DRUG TAKE BACK! Saturday April 28, 2018 from 10:00am - 2:00pm the Rockland Police Department will be accepting any old or unused medications.

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  • Members of the Rockland Fire/EMS Department enjoy a bond that comes with working, training and sharing exciting life experiences together. The Fire Service considers its members brothers and sisters and the Rockland F.D. is no different. Our personnel spend many days and nights together training and providing service to the community when often they could be home with their “normal” family. While there is no known mold that any firefighter fits, members are often described as outgoing, type “A” personalities, giving, caring, team players and fun to be around.

    Call Division (Paid Call Members)

    The Rockland Fire/EMS Department is constantly taking applications for the position of call firefighter or call EMT. All applicants must be 18 years of age and hold either a GED or high school diploma. Further each applicant must pass a criminal background check and hold a clean valid drivers license. Equally qualified members of the Call Division are generally favored in the career position hiring process which is conducted by the City’s Personnel Committee, so if you are living locally please consider joining the call division.

    The Call Division members are paid to attend training as well as for their response to incidents and station coverage on the basis of attendance.

    Career Positions

    Fulltime positions in the Rockland Fire/EMS department are filled on an “as needed” basis. Generally at the time of hiring, a list of qualified candidates will be held for one year to fill any other vacancies that may occur. It is the intent of the department to hire the most qualified and well rounded candidates. All applicants must pass a written examination as well as an oral board and job-specific physical assessment.

    Firefighter/EMT Positions: Candidates possessing Firefighter II and ME EMT-Paramedic certification are given preference while we may on occasion hire those candidates with lesser certifications.

    EMS Only Positions: Candidates possessing ME EMT-Paramedic certification are given preference, while we may on occasion hire those candidates with lesser certifications. Those EMS-Only personnel wishing to do firefighting may do so, secondary to their scheduled EMS duties. Those qualified candiates are eligible for lateral transfer into the fire suppression division as vacancies occur.

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