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    The Rockland Police Department has been given a directive for speed enforcement details on Main Street, specifically in the Downtown District. Based on community feedback the Police Department will take a more aggressive approach to enforcing speed limits in the Downtown portion of Main Street. Starting this week anyone found to be exceeding the posted speed limit will be summonsed for a violation.

    The Police Department has conducted 46 traffic details from the intersection of Park and Main Street to the Rockland Ferry Terminal since late May of 2017.  This particular segment of Main Street has been identified as the major problem area, in relation to speeding, by members of the community.

    The City of Rockland understands the concerns which have been expressed by residents and businesses about speeding on Main Street.  We also understand that many who expressed concerns would ideally like to have 24/7 Police coverage on Main Street.  Unfortunately, the Police Department has limited resources and 24/7 traffic details on Main Street are not possible.  However, the Police Department is committed to doing as much as they possibly can with the resources available in the City to make Main Street safer.

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