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  •  In Assessing Department
    Please be aware that on April 12, the company that the City of Rockland has hired to perform our Revaluation—Vision Government Solutions—sent a letter to owners of commercial, industrial, and apartment properties asking them to complete an enclosed form.

    This letter was sent in error and DOES NOT NEED to be completed and returned.

    Please DO NOT SPEND THE TIME TO FILL IT OUT. The City of Rockland was not aware this letter was sent. Please know that some of the information it asks for does not serve us at all in the Income Approach to Valuation, and should not have been asked of you.

    There will be Income and Expense forms sent in February of 2025 that will need to be completed, but those forms will only ask for information that is relevant to the Income Approach to Valuation. We truly regret this error. If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to contact the Assessing department at the City of Rockland.
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