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    City Council

    The City Council is the legislative body of the City of Rockland

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    City Council FAQs

    How can I contact City Council members?

    You can view current serving Councilors and their contact details here. If wishing to contact all Councilors via email, you can simply copy and paste the following email addresses into your preferred email software:,,,,

    How many Council members are serving at any one time?

    There is a maximum of 5 elected City Councilors at any given time (including the Mayor), yet this number may be smaller if a Councilor leaves or is removed during their term.

    Where can I view Council election results?

    You can find past and present Council election results on the Voting and Elections page.

    City Council Agendas & Minutes

    Note that you can also obtain these agendas & meeting minutes directly from the Clerk’s Office. If you do not find the agenda or meeting minutes you are looking for, please feel free to call the Clerk’s Office on (207) 594-0304 or request them online.

    About Rockland City Council

    By Charter, the City mayor is the head of City government for ceremonial purposes. The mayor is chairperson of the City Council with voting rights on all matters brought forth for action by the Council. The Council serves as the municipal officers of the City. The Council has legal custody over all city owned land and buildings; sets the salaries of elected City officials; enacts resolves and/or orders to be carried out at the Council’s behest; has the authority to establish, combine, or abolish City departments; and appoints a City Manager to carry out the administrative tasks of managing the City’s government. View current serving City Councilors.

    Current Serving City Councilors

    Lisa Westkaemper
    Term expires: 2020
    Nathan Davis
    Term expires: 2022
    Benjamin Dorr
    Term expires: 2021
    Valli Geiger
    Term expires: 2020
    Ed Glaser
    Term expires: 2022

    Contact the City Council & Attending Meetings

    You can contact the City Council using the details below or individual Councilors. Council meetings are held at City Hall and you can view the upcoming meeting / workshop schedule here.

    (207) 594-0304
    Clerk’s Office

    (207) 594-9481
    City of Rockland Fax

    Email City Council
    Email (Having trouble?)

    Having trouble?

    You can copy the currently serving Councilors email addresses from here:,,,,

    City Hall: 270 Pleasant Street, Rockland, Maine 04841
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