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  • About Recharge Rockland

    Recharge Rockland is a program of the Economic and Community Development Department that’s focused on getting the word out to the community about opportunities for energy efficiency and electrification.

    Why invest in energy efficiency?

    Energy efficient buildings are more comfortable and less expensive to heat and cool. Electrified transportation is quieter and less expensive to operate. Both reduce our community’s climate impact.

    Current State and federal financial incentives are reducing the upfront costs of electrification and weatherization, making it a great time for Rockland to recharge.

    Energy Efficiency Opportunities & Incentives

    Recharge your home with…

    Heat Pumps


    Efficient Appliances

    Recharge your business with…

    LED Lighting

    Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency

    Energy-Efficient HVAC

    Recharge your transportation with…

    Electric Bikes

    E-bikes are an energy-efficient way to get around town. Plus, their pedal assist feature makes riding easier, helping you get up hills and get where you need to go. There are many different styles of e-bikes for different types of riders.

    For more information on biking in Rockland, visit Rockland Bikes!

    EVs for Personal Use

    Commercial Electric Vehicles

    Keep an eye out for Recharge Rockland community events:

    The Energy of Everything! is a mini speaker series that hosts presenters from local organizations who are experts in energy in its different forms.

    The Rockland Electrification Expo is a free, outdoor community event showcasing electric and energy efficient technologies.

    Learn More

    Questions about Recharge Rockland? Email to learn more about upcoming events, current State and federal incentives, and energy efficient technologies for your home or business.