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    The purpose of the Code Enforcement Office is to protect the lives, safety, and property of all citizens of our community

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    Code Enforcement Department FAQs

    Do I need a permit for a fabric structure?

    Yes. We have an ordinance specifically designed to address metal- framed fabric structures. The Code Office can issue a permit for a fabric structure not larger than 300 square feet. The Planning Board must approve anything larger. These quonset hut style structures are manufactured in much larger sizes and might be purchased and used as a garage. Planning Board review is to ensure that a larger structure is not out of place in a dense neighborhood consisting of predominantly wood-framed buildings and/or historic housing. Because the fabric on these structures typically last for only a few years, there are regulations to require that the structures be maintained in good condition. For more information about fabric structures click here.

    Do I need a permit for a shed?

    Yes, a building permit is required for a shed. The applicable setbacks in the zone in which the shed is located must be met. In most residential zones the side and rear setbacks are less for sheds. You need to provide basic construction information. Depending on the size, we generally accept pre-built sheds from companies that we are familiar with without construction details. Because sheds are usually free-standing, they should be anchored sufficiently to prevent movement from high winds. This is particularly important with light-weight sheds. Feel free to contact us to learn more about the requirements for erecting a shed.

    Do I need a permit to erect a fence and what are the regulations?

    Yes, a building permit is required for a fence.

    • You need to show where you propose to erect the fence. There is no required setback for a fence, but it must be entirely on your property. We recommend that enough space be left on your neighbor’s side of the fence so that it can be maintained without going onto their property. Although the Code Office will gladly provide you with a copy of your property as depicted on the tax maps, it is up to you to know where your property lines are located. We also check to see that the fence will not adversely affect traffic visibility on a street corner or the visibility of you or your neighbor when exiting a driveway.
    • A State Law and City Code consider a fence unnecessarily erected to a height exceeding six feet to be a “spite fence”. If your proposed fence is higher than six feet, a few extra steps may be necessary.
    Do I need a permit to re-shingle my roof?

    No. However that does not mean that code regulations for roof shingles do not apply. You cannot have more than two layers of shingles before they have to be removed. You must install shingles in accordance with manufactures specifications (number of nails, etc.). In Maine, ice and water shield is required at the lowest edges of the roof and must extend onto the roof so that it covers at least 24 inches beyond the exterior wall line. Shingles must be UL Listed Class A or B materials. Untreated cedar shingles are not permitted. If you have to replace roof rafters while shingling, a building permit is required.

    Code Enforcement Department Documents & Forms

    Here is a list of some of the commonly used Code Enforcement Department documents & forms. Note that you can also obtain these forms directly from the Code Enforcement Department. If you do not find the document or form you are looking for, please feel free to call us (207) 594-0308 or request your document online.

    About Rockland Code Enforcement Department

    The Rockland Code Enforcement Office has worked hard for many years to be seen as a resource and not an impediment to development. We encourage residents, business owners, builders, realtors and developers to make the Code Office one of their first stops when planning any type of activity that may involve our office. We spend a lot of time helping the public understand processes and requirements before they invest in the City or begin a project. We often suggest that the initial contact be a face-to-face interaction. This helps both applicants and the Code Office to thoroughly understand the project or proposal and results in less miscommunication and less confusion with regards to regulations.

    Because of the vast array of regulations for which we have responsibility, it is likely that almost everyone in the City will have contact with the Code Office at some point. We sincerely enjoy meeting and working with people, and together we will strive to sustain Rockland as a great place to live and work.

    Code Enforcement Department Additional Information & Statistics

    It is the mission of code enforcement to ensure that building codes are in compliance for all residential and business dwellings in the City, for the safety and security of the citizenry.

    Rockland’s Code Enforcement Department’s primary function is to enforce the zoning and land use and licensing laws of the City of Rockland as well as all aspects of the Maine Uniform Building and Energy Code. This involves maintaining an effective enforcement program, based on the Comprehensive Plan and supported by ordinances, building and energy codes. This helps preserve and improve neighborhoods and encourage and guide development while limiting inappropriate / incompatible land uses, and protecting our environment and its valuable resources. Fair and consistent enforcement of codes and other regulations also ensures the safety and value of new buildings and improves the condition of existing buildings.

    • Acceptance by FEMA of Flood Hazard Development Zone Maps as appealed by the City was the department’s major accomplishment. The initial proposed flood maps would have resulted in many buildings and properties being brought into the flood zone, hindering development and increasing insurance premiums for property owners. While this momentous accomplishment was largely unnoticed, it likely saved property owners millions of dollars and helped retain the ability to develop waterfront properties.
    • The City contracted with CAI Technologies to develop a web-based GIS system that permits anyone with internet access to view and work with tax maps and virtually all data layers available to the Code and Assessing Offices, such as zoning maps. This system will save the city thousands of dollars each year by eliminating the need for more expensive single station software, and by reducing the number of visits by realtors, developers and taxpayers to both offices.
    • Ordinances regulating short term rentals in Rockland may be adopted. The ordinance provides for very basic and minimal requirements and will serve to protect the character of residential neighborhoods. The department provided extensive support to the City Council in developing this legislation.
    • The department has made significant progress on getting all Code Office related documents filed electronically. Storage of plans has always been challenging, especially when trying to find older ones. The department now requests that all plans are submitted electronically.
    • During FY16, the department assisted with 21 ordinances reviewed by the City Council to date.
    • Good enforcement of the Property Maintenance Code is one of the most important and tangibly valuable services our office does. The department’s goal is to equitably and consistently enforce the Property Maintenance Code, which will result in clean, safe neighborhoods in which our residents can take pride.
    • Continuing to make clarifications to the Zoning Ordinance (Chapter 19) and re-writing the Site Plan/Subdivision Ordinance (Chapter 16).
    • Find ways to streamline and expedite the violation notice process.
    • Update the City Codes to searchable, indexed, digital format.
    • Review all “single lot zones” for inclusion in updated area zoning.
    • Review the Tillson Avenue Area Overlay Zone (TAAOZ) and Downtown Zones to either strengthen them or revise them to permit more flexibility.

    Issued Permits for Past 3 Years

    Issued Permits for Past 3 Years

    Code Enforcement Time

    Code Enforcement Time

    Contact the Code Enforcement Department

    You can contact the Code Enforcement Department using the details below or by completing the online form.
    Office hours: Monday — Friday8:00am –  4:30pm (Closed public holidays)

    (207) 594-0308
    Code Enforcement Department Office

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    Rockland Code Enforcement, 270 Pleasant Street, Rockland, Maine 04841
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