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SCAM ALERT! There have been several reports of the Social Security Administration calling saying you are involved in and fraudulent activity. They will threaten to call the U.S. Marshals and have you arrested. These people prey on your fears. Going to jail, Love ones not getting medical attention, or needing bail money. The Social Security Administration or Government WILL NOT CALL YOU ON THE PHONE and ask for money or personal information. DO NOT BECOME A VICTIM! NEVER Give your personal or financial information over the phone to someone if you do not initiate the call.
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  • The Charter and Code Smart Viewer is an interactive system for reading, visualizing, and understanding our local laws / ordinances. There are two viewing modes: linear and graphical. In linear view, elements of the charter and code are displayed sequentially. In graphical view, elements of the charter and code are displayed in a tree structure. In both modes, elements can be clicked to expand and contract them.

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