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If you are a local business with signs posted on City Property (hiring, "we're open," etc.); please be aware they are prohibited by local ordinance and have been removed. Collected signs may be picked up at City Hall. Thank you.
On July 1, 2022 Transfer Station permits are increasing. $145.00 for a Resident Permit and $20.00 for a Second Sticker.

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    Single Family Household Flat Fee Permit

    Permits are sold directly from the Transfer Station. You can also purchase prepaid trash bags at the Transfer Station or Rockland City Hall (Bags sold in packages of 5):

    • 12 Gallon- $.75 each
    • 22 Gallon- $1.50 each
    • 33 Gallon- $2.25 each


    Single Family Household Flat Fee Permit costs $125 and is valid until the 1st of May of each year. For all Transfer Station services, permit types and fees, please see the fee schedule below.

    Transfer Station Permits & Fee Schedule