Question: Fees for Items to Be Disposed of in Landfill



Construction & Demolition Debris (C&DD) Rockland Residents and Approved Sources:

½ cubic yard per dayno fee
½ to 3 cubic yards$20.00 per yard
Processed C&DD (pre-pay volume rate)$31.00 per ton
Processed C&DD (non-prepay volume rate)$33.00 per ton
Unprocessed C&DD (volume contractual rate)$40.00 per ton
All other C&DD (other than mixed loads)$42.00 per ton
Mixed Loads (items other than building materials
mixed into the load)
$57.00 per ton


Small Furniture Items$3.00 per item
Larger Furniture Items (sofa, couch, mattress, box spring, etc)$5.00 per item

Yard Wastes:

Residentsno fee
Commercial$65.00 per ton

Special Wastes:

Bulky Special Waste$55.00 per ton
Other Special Waste (i.e. dredge spoils, algefiber-associated wastes, etc.)$75.00 per ton
Inert Fill (Analytical testing as determined on a case by case basis)$0
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