Question: Fees for Items Accepted at Transfer Station



Municipal Solid Waste:

Per 12 gallon bag $0.75 each
Per 22 gallon bag $1.50 each
Per 33 gallon bag $2.25 each
Per ton $130 per ton

Items Discarded Separately:

Tires (off rim) $1.50 each
Tires (on rim) $3.00 each
Wooden Pallets $1.00 each or $55.00 per ton
Car Batteries $2.00 each
White Goods $10.00 each
Appliances with Refrigerant $20.00 each
Consumer Electronics (anything with a cord & plug) $3.00 each
Brush (less than ½ cubic yard per day) no fee
Brush (over ½ cubic yard) $2.00 per cubic yard
Metal no fee
Cardboard no fee
Paper no fee
Tin Cans no fee
No. 2 Plastic no fee
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