Question: Will the fire department inspect my chimney?



The Rockland F.D. does offer chimney, woodstove and fireplace inspections to anyone interested. At this time, we are able to offer this service at no cost. All solid fuel burning appliances and chimneys are inspected for compliance with NFPA 211, the nationally recognized code. While these inspections often reveal deficiencies, strict compliance is not enforced in one and two family dwellings unless an egregious hazard is present, though it must be noted that a property owner should understand their homeowner’s insurance policy’s rules before overlooking any code issues. In all multiple dwellings or commercial properties code compliance is mandatory and deficiencies must be corrected in a timely manner as agreed upon between the F.D. and the owner. You may schedule a chimney or solid fuel burning appliance inspection by calling the F.D. at (207) 594-0318.

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