Question: What if I think my taxes are too high?



The amount of one’s tax bill is determined by the size of the budget, which is established by the Council and the School Board. The Assessor does not determine the budget or collect the taxes.

On the other hand, the property owner’s proportionate responsibility for that budget is determined by one’s property valuation. If the owner believes that the current value placed on their property is inaccurate, unfair, or overvalued relative to the current real estate market, they may take the following steps, in order:

  • Review the property record card (available in the Assessor’s office or online) to assure the accuracy of its data
  • Check sale prices of similar homes in the area
  • Provide evidence to the Assessor that the property is overvalued
  • Request a valuation review by the Assessor
  • Make a formal abatement request if not satisfied by the Assessor
  • Make a formal appeal to the local Board of Assessment Review.
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