Question: How do I pay or contest my traffic ticket?



If you want to pay your traffic citation you can either mail the citation in with a personal check or money order in the envelope provided to the Maine Violations Bureau, or you can pay the traffic citation online by visiting With any further questions please call 1-866-729-8499.

If you wish to contest the traffic citation you will need to check the box off on the back of the citation that you wish to contest and mail it in within 35 days after the citation was served on you. Once the Maine Violations Bureau receives your contested traffic citation, they will then in return provide you a court date so that you will be able to speak with the Officer and Judge.

NOTE: With respect to speeding citation cases, Title 29-A Maine Revised Statutes Annotated Section 2075(4)(A) requires the Judge to find that the results of a measurement of your motor vehicle’s speed by radar must be considered “prima facie” evidence that your motor vehicle was in fact proceeding at the speed measured by the radar.

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