Question: Do I need a permit to erect a fence and what are the regulations?



Yes, a building permit is required for a fence.

  • You need to show where you propose to erect the fence. There is no required setback for a fence, but it must be entirely on your property. We recommend that enough space be left on your neighbor’s side of the fence so that it can be maintained without going onto their property. Although the Code Office will gladly provide you with a copy of your property as depicted on the tax maps, it is up to you to know where your property lines are located. We also check to see that the fence will not adversely affect traffic visibility on a street corner or the visibility of you or your neighbor when exiting a driveway.
  • A State Law and City Code consider a fence unnecessarily erected to a height exceeding six feet to be a “spite fence”. If your proposed fence is higher than six feet, a few extra steps may be necessary.
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