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  • Virtual Talk: “What does it mean to be ‘OK’? ~ with Kathrin Gabriel Jones

    No two ways around it, we’re all experiencing a difficult and unsettling time: A pandemic, Social unrest, Economic uncertainty. We’re all figuring things out as we go, and every day there’s something new we need to fold into our lives and remember. There’s so much going on, it just might be easier to answer, how are you, with “I’m okay” and Just Keep Going. But sometimes, it matters that we acknowledge when we’re not okay. Because that happens. It’s supposed to: We can’t be All Things to All People at All Times. And in order to us to acknowledge that, we need to tell the difference between “I’m okay” and “I’m not okay.”

    So … what does “Okay” mean to you? Let’s find out.

    Gabriel-Jones has thirty years of experience in education, ranging from physicians to preschool, teaching subjects that extend from medical compliance to playing well with others.

    To request the link to attend via Zoom, please email by 4pm on the day of the event.


    Aug 13 2020


    6:30 pm


    Rockland Public Library ONLINE

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