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  • “The World of Whales”: A Science Talk by Marine Mammals of Maine

    Whales play a vital role in the ocean ecosystem that helps to support all life on Earth. Join Marine Mammals of Maine (MMoME) as we dive deep into the world of whales. We will start with a basic overview of what species have been spotted in the Gulf of Maine (the common and the uncommon). We will also investigate the adaptations that these large mammals have in order to survive in their ocean home. This program will also focus on cetacean stranding response here in Maine, and highlight a few of MMoME’s most fascinating cases. What challenges do these animals face, and what challenges does MMoME encounter when a report of a stranded cetacean comes through their hotline?

    Marine Mammals of Maine is a non-profit organization dedicated to marine mammal and sea turtle response, rescue, care, research, and education. With two staff and a dedicated volunteer team, MMoME provides expert standing response across roughly 2,500 miles of Maine’s coastline (including islands), covering the geographic area of Kittery to Rockland. Providing both short- and long-term rehabilitative care and operating a 24/7 marine mammal and sea turtle reporting hotline, MMoME is a compassionate source of care for Maine’s marine wildlife.

    For a link to the Zoom event, please email


    Jul 01 2021


    6:30 pm


    Rockland Public Library ONLINE

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