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  • Destination Wellness Talk: Do Your Organs Have Roots? How Your Emotions Influence Your Health

    Tobey Williamson

    Eastern and Western medicine are often understood to be dealing with completely different aspects of human health. In this talk, Tobey Williamson, L.Ac, Owner, Acupuncturist and Herbalist at Good Hearth Eastern Medical Arts will explain how these two paradigms for understanding the body are more like looking through different windows into the same room. Other forms of healing have a much longer history than the currently dominant Western Allopathic Medicine. Just a few decades ago doctors still prescribed the herbal remedies that are the more holistic precursors to today’s pharmaceuticals. Because of their better results in some circumstances, traditional forms of natural healing and illness prevention have begun to merge with and influence how “conventional” medicine is practiced.


    Aug 07 2018


    6:30 pm


    Rockland Public Library - Community Room
    80 Union St, Rockland, ME 04841, USA

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