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  • Destination Wellness Event: Using Sound and Vibration for Relaxation and Health

    Jim Doble

    Jim Doble will demonstrate some of the many ways that sound and vibration might be used to aid in the healing process. Some of the possible benefits include inspiring a meditative state, a more relaxed nervous system, as well as assisting in moving stuck energy for improved physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Jim’s demonstration will include a sound “bath” with gongs and tuning forks, inviting the participants to enjoy the sensation of being bathed in relaxing and visceral tones.

    Doble started exploring the very large and exciting field of sound therapy about 20 years ago. A musical instrument maker, he has made a large assortment of instruments specifically for use in sound therapy. He works at both making instruments and offering sound therapy out of his home in Union, Maine.


    Jan 07 2020


    06:00 PM


    Rockland Public Library - Community Room
    80 Union St, Rockland, ME 04841, USA

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