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  • In order to protect the local watershed, build healthy soils, and reduce exposure to harmful chemicals, the City of Rockland prohibits the use of pesticides and synthetic lawn care substances in non-emergency situations.

    What’s Allowed:

    1. Use or application of organic pest management products
    2. Use or application of natural, organic lawn care protocols
    3. All control products and soil amendments, including fertilizer and compost, that can be used on MOFGA certified farms or permitted by the Organic Materials Review Institute or the USDA National Organic Program

    What’s Prohibited:

    1. Use or application of synthetic substances
    2. Use or application of chemical pesticides
    3. Use or application of non-synthetic substances specifically listed as “prohibited” on the Department of Agriculture’s “National List” of Allowed and Prohibited Substances
    4. The use or application of pesticides (whether natural, organic, “non-synthetic,” synthetic or otherwise) within 75 feet of a water body or wetland

    You can read the relevant ordinance here. For more information, please contact the City of Rockland Code Office: 207-594-0308 or