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     July 27th, 2020  Last Updated 9/10/20


    Re:       City of Rockland LED Lighting RFP


    The City of Rockland is seeking proposals for LED lighting upgrades at several of its buildings:


    Rockland Police Department, 1 Police Drive in Rockland, Maine

    Rockland City Hall, 270 Pleasant St in Rockland, Maine

    Rockland Harbormaster’s Office, 1 Harbor Park in Rockland, Maine

    Rockland Wastewater Treatment Facility, 40 Tillson Avenue in Rockland, Maine

    Rockland Public Safety: 118 Park Street in Rockland, ME

    The City Manager will receive sealed bids at the Office of City Manager, 270 Pleasant Street, Rockland, ME 04841 prior to 12:00 PM on Monday, September 14th, at which time they will be opened and publicly read. The outside bid envelope shall be plainly marked “CITY OF ROCKLAND LED LIGHTING PROJECT. DUE NOT OPEN UNTIL 12PM SEPTEMBER 14th, 2020.”

    Faxed or e-mailed bids will not be accepted.

    Please contact Sustainability Coordinator, Davis Saltonstall by phone ((207) 594-0300), or e-mail: with questions and to schedule site visits.

    Click here for Instructions to Bidders

    Click here for Project Proposal Form

    Updated Lighting Inventory (with color)

    Bids are due by noon on September 14th, 2020.


    Q & A: Rockland LED Lighting Project

    Last Updated: 9/10/2020

    How is the City handling Efficiency Maine Incentives?

    The scope of work for this project assumes that all of the work done will fall under prescriptive incentives for lighting projects set by Efficiency Maine. Under that incentive scheme, the City of Rockland expects that bidders will outline monies received from Efficiency Maine as a Qualified Partner in a brief cost breakdown for each project. A template for this cost breakdown is embedded in the mandatory LED Lighting Project Proposal Form.

    Is the City of Rockland participating in Efficiency Maine’s Small Business Initiative?

    Not at this time. The City of Rockland is not currently eligible for incentives established through the Small Business Initiative.

    Some of the buildings that are included in the Request for Proposals might be eligible for a Small Business Initiative (SBI) incentive if Rockland is included in a future SBI region. When the City considers bids for buildings included in this RFP that may be eligible for future SBI incentives, we may consider whether there is potential for lower SBI pricing when deciding whether to move forward at this time.

    Are there specifications or site photos associated with this RFP?

    Lighting inventories for each building are included in the mandatory City of Rockland LED Lighting Project Proposal Form.

    Site photos are not included, but contractors can schedule site-visits with Rockland’s Sustainability Coordinator. If contractors are not able to schedule a site visit and would like to request particular photos, we would be happy to provide them for the benefit of all bidders as part of this FAQ.

    What changed between the inventory included in the Proposal Form and the Updated Version?

    Counts for some of the fixture counts needed minor corrections. Additional language and color were added to the inventory notes to give a better sense of bulbs and fixture types that existed in each space.

    Will the selected bidder need to file for an electrical permit with the City?

    Yes. The selected bidder will need to file an electrical permit with the City of Rockland. All fees will be waived, but the City will need to have the permit on file.

    Does the City of Rockland require contractors to meet prevailing wage standards for this RFP?

    Funding will not come from Federal or State resources for this project. Bidders do not need to meet prevailing wage standards.

    Will the City accept more than one proposal for each building?

    Yes. In the event that a bidder would like to submit proposals that are substantially different for a single location, the City will accept more than one proposal for each scenario the bidder would like to demonstrate.

    Does the City want fixtures replaced? Or bulbs swapped? Or fixtures and smart sensors included in the proposal?

    The City is seeking recommendations from each bidder for all proposed equipment. Specifics for equipment- its necessity to the proposal, savings potential, etc- can be listed in an attachment OR the bidder can submit multiple proposals for a single location if they wish to distinguish substantially different options for the City to consider.

    What does the City of Rockland pay for electricity per kWh? Should bidders use that value to estimate ROI?

    The City of Rockland pays different electric rates depending on the class of the meter for each building. The buildings included in this RFP pay a mix of small and medium commercial rates. Bidders are not required to estimate ROI for their proposals. If proposal forms and inventories are complete, the City will be able to determine ROI for each proposed project during its review process.


    Davis Saltonstall, Sustainability Coordinator

    207-594-0300 EXT 228


    How was the wattage of each fixture in the lighting inventories calculated?

    The formula below was used to calculate the wattage of each fixture. It did not include ballast wattage.

    # Lamps * Lamp Wattage = Fixture Wattage

    Who was the RFP sent to?

    The RFP has been posted on Rockland’s website and emailed to Qualified Partners listed on Efficiency Maine’s website that are within 100 miles of Rockland.

    Does the City prefer upgrades, retrofits, or re-lighting?

    The proposals will be evaluated based on criteria listed in the Instructions to Bidders

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