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    Pedestrian safety is not only the responsibility of drivers in vehicles to look for pedestrians.  It is also the responsibility of pedestrians to cross at designated crosswalks.  The City of Rockland has places 20 crosswalks on Main Street alone.  These crosswalks have been placed in locations where, with drivers and pedestrians following the rules a pedestrian should be seen and be able to cross the road safely.  There are several locations where the pedestrian crosswalks are controlled by signals.  If a traffic controlled intersection does not show the walk signal 

    Walk Signal
    than you need to stay on the sidewalk.  These signals are usually located where there is a traffic control device.  Crosswalk signals work in conjunction with the traffic control devices to coordinate the safe travel of pedestrians and vehicles.  If you are at a controlled pedestrian crossing with a crosswalk and it indicates do not walk pedestrians DO NOT have the right of way.

    To encourage safe movement of pedestrians and vehicles the Rockland Police Department will be assigning officers in the areas where crosswalks are provided and not being used.  If an officer observes pedestrians crossing against a signal or not using the provided crosswalk that officer may issue a summons with a fine amount of $152.00.   Below is a diagram of the proper way to use a crosswalk.


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