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    The breakdown of Title 29A Section 2121 – It is illegal in the State of Maine to operate a motor vehicle on a public way while using, manipulating, talking into or otherwise interacting with a handheld electronic devise or mobile telephone.  This includes I-Pads, PDA’s, Mobile Cell Phones – ANY ELECTRONIC DEVICE that is not part of the car.

    YOU CAN – Pull over to the side of the road, put your can in park, and use your devices.

    YOU CAN – Put your phone in “Hands Free Mode” and use this function if it takes 1 action (touch or swipe) AND the phone is mounted or affixed to the vehicle in a location that does not interfere with the operators vision.

    YOU CAN – Use your GPS/tom tom/Garmin or other such items but YOU MUST program them prior to your trip and pull off the road and reprogram them if modifications are needed.

    **** This is not an exception or over rule the Title 29A Section 1311 “Interim License” restrictions ****

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