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  • The City of Rockland is engaged in the development of a new city-wide website. This page will provide an overview of the overall process, as well as marking the current stop in the timeline.

    Website development timeline:

    1. Defining goals for new website
    2. New website platform: Civic Plus
    3. Development of Timeline for Website
    4. Analysis of current site 
    5. Creation of Informal committee for strategies and testing
    6. Creation of a Sitemap
    7. Branding and messaging for site
    8. Wireframing and flow of the pages
    9. Writing and Migration of content
    10. Testing and refining
    11. Website launch

    We are currently working through steps 4, 5, and 6. As we continue to analyze the current site, we are gathering the informal committee. Sitemap exploration is also underway.

    At the Communications Workshop of Monday, February 26, the following notes were taken:

    Monday, February 26, 2024
    Council Chambers

    The following notes were from participants at the Monday, February 26, 2024 Communications Workshop


    1. Global appeal of live cam
    2. Survey for web users
    3. Ease of navigation – priority page/USES
    4. Turning one-sided comms into vehicles for community engagement
    5. Exciting!
    6. Accessibility opens door to more engagement from working people/all
    7. Info on council meeting rules + agenda translation
    8. Encourage broad community involvement
    9. Opportunity to increase positivity + share positive stories
    10. Communicate closures + the reason
    11. Terrific repository – lots of info
    12. Search function room for improvement
    13. Streamline transactions
    14. Councilor’s corner – Agenda statement of purpose
    15. Tax bill documentation + payment
    16. Board/committee directory
    17. Management responsibilities – culture of site/content maintenance
    18. Question/input feed
    19. Thoughtful public outreach about site functions
    20. Consider user needs
    21. City Manager vs. website as info source]accessibility / language – outreach on city functions
    22. Automated non-emergency reporting = follow-up
    23. Hard to find info, hard to navigate
    24. Website vs. social media as info source
    25. Website as atoll to welcome ECD
    26. Community Listening sessions?


    1. Youtube channel unaffiliated with City
    2. No Instagram other than library
    3. RMS great following


    1. Opportunity to generate positive news stories
    2. Develop relationships with broader news outlets
    3. Routinely share progress on bond projects
    4. Why Care? Trust in governance, reputation-building


    1. Real pictures from staff
    2. Generate stock of photos


    1. Restructuring council meetings
    2. Clarifying meeting rules
    3. Formalize Council public engagement
    4. Opportunity to change Robert’s rules