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    We are in peak summer which means the harbor is in full swing. Come down and join in the festivities.

    The 70th Lobster Festival is underway and Harbor Park is packed full of guests participating in events, going on rides, and, of course, eating plenty of lobster. The annual festival spans five days and attracts tens of thousands of visitors to Rockland. This year’s main musical act is The Outlaws, one of the groups that founded southern rock.

    Just days after the Lobster Festival finishes, the Maine Boats, Homes, & Harbors Show kicks off. The show runs from August 11 to 13, and brings together Maine artists, architects, boatbuilders, craftsmen, designers, furniture makers, jewelers, and marine gear vendors all in one place. Stop by the show to check out the iconic boats that will line the harbor’s docks.

    After the Maine Boats, Homes, & Harbors Show concludes, the harbor should return to its normal bustling self. Everyday droves of boaters head down onto our docks and make their way out through the mooring field, which is nearly full at this point in the summer, to their boats, fire up the engine or raise the sails, and head out into Penobscot Bay.

    The public landing is seeing plenty of use this season, as visiting boaters are frequently paying the small fee to tie-up for a few hours, so they can walk into Rockland and explore the city. This is a great and inexpensive way to dock your boat and grab lunch at one of Rockland’s amazing restaurants or visit the Farnsworth Art Museum.

    Come down to the harbor and take advantage of the warm summer sun before it’s gone.

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