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SCAM ALERT! There have been several reports of the Social Security Administration calling saying you are involved in and fraudulent activity. They will threaten to call the U.S. Marshals and have you arrested. These people prey on your fears. Going to jail, Love ones not getting medical attention, or needing bail money. The Social Security Administration or Government WILL NOT CALL YOU ON THE PHONE and ask for money or personal information. DO NOT BECOME A VICTIM! NEVER Give your personal or financial information over the phone to someone if you do not initiate the call.
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  • Teen Volunteer Orientation

    The Rockland Public Library will be hosting a teen volunteer orientation on Saturday, May 11th at 11:30. Area teens that are in 9th-12th grades (or homeschool equivalent) are encouraged to volunteer at the Library, for community service credits or personal and professional enrichment. Volunteering is a great way to support the Library while you learn something new, meet new people, and connect with your community! This orientation will give teens a tour of the Library and a sense of the volunteer jobs available. Any teen that would like to participate should fill out and return a Volunteer Application, which can be found on the Library website, Questions and applications can be directed to Jessica Blanchard,, or 207-594-0310.


    May 11 2019


    11:30 AM - 12:30 PM

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