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    On August 24, the City of Rockland was named the winner of the Efficiency Maine Trust’s 2018 Philip C. Hastings Award. The Hastings Award is presented each year to an individual or organization that typifies the spirit of the late Phil Hastings, the Founding Director of Efficiency Maine. To honor his memory, the Philip C. Hastings Award recognizes an individual or organization for significant contributions to energy efficiency and to the state’s environmental stewardship through exemplary support of the Efficiency Maine program. The award recognizes Rockland’s leadership in energy efficiency initiatives including Weatherize Rockland, PACE home energy loan financing, and downtown streetlight replacement.

    In announcing the award, Michael D. Stoddard, Executive Director of Efficiency Maine, said, “The City of Rockland was a clear choice for the Hastings award. The city and the Rockland energy committee have demonstrated leadership among Maine’s municipalities, improving the energy efficiency of city buildings, converting their streetlights to LEDs, and encouraging residents throughout the community to weatherize their homes.”

    “It is an honor to receive the Hastings award,” said Brooks Winner, Chair of the Rockland Energy Advisory Committee. “Rockland’s pragmatic approach to saving taxpayer dollars and reducing pollution through energy efficiency has made the city a leader among Maine municipalities and this award gives us a springboard to accomplish even more in the future.”

    Concurrently with the award, the Rockland Energy Advisory Committee is pleased to announce its first Community Energy Forum on September 26 at 7pm in the council chambers of Rockland City Hall. This event will kickoff the process of developing a community energy policy for Rockland that will include plans and policies for energy efficiency, sustainability, economy, and resilience across both public and private sectors. Come hear expert panelists discuss community energy policies, including policies that other communities have successfully implemented, and then participate in a public question and comment session. Snacks will be provided!

    The Hastings Award demonstrates that Rockland is a leader in energy policy in Maine. Let’s build on this and create and implement a community energy policy that can guide us into the future to become a model of energy use and production for the entire state!

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