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    Bike to Work

    RESAC is pleased to have helped coordinate Bike to Work Day 2022 in conjunction with Sidecountry Sports, Maine Sport Outfitters, Rock City Coffee, Renew Rockland, Rockland Rolls, and other local businesses and individuals. The data show that choosing a bike over a car just once a day reduces an average citizen’s carbon emissions from transport by 67%. RESAC believes most any bicycle initiative will help Rockland’s economic vitality and play an important role in achieving the City’s 2045 goal of carbon neutrality. As such, we, in our advisory capacity, advised the Rockland City Council to endorse Bike to Work Day. In response, City Councillor Nathan Davis sponsored the following resolution:

    RESOLVE  Supporting “Bike to Work Day” 2022

    WHEREAS, Bike to Work Day was created by the League of American Bicyclists in 1956 and is held annually in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia; and

    WHEREAS, Bike to Work Day 2022 will occur on May 20; and

    WHEREAS, cycling supports efficiency, health, physical fitness, and Rockland’s goal of carbon neutrality by 2045; and

    WHEREAS, cycling is a more cost effective, safe method to get to work and can thereby help to address local employers’ shortage of employees; and

    WHEREAS, the Rockland Energy and Sustainability Advisory Committee is organizing Bike to Work activities and promotions including a photo opportunity and group ride to City Hall;


    THAT the City of Rockland supports Bike to Work Day 2022 and will continue to work towards becoming a more bicycle-friendly community; and

    THAT the City of Rockland encourages people who work in Rockland to bike to work on May 20; and

    THAT the City of Rockland encourages Rockland employers to offer practical allowances and incentives to make it easy and enjoyable for anyone who wishes to participate in Bike to Work Day to do so.

    RESAC applauds City Council’s endorsement of Bike to Work Day 2022 and its commitment to continue to work towards Rockland becoming a more bicycle-friendly community.

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