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    Rockland’s Downtown Waterfront Redevelopment Project has been named Project of the Year by the Maine Association of Planners (MAP). Community Development Director Julie Hashem and consultant Noel Musson of the Musson Group accepted the award on behalf of the project team at the MAP annual meeting on May 10th.

    This project was nominated not just for its vision for City-owned properties for the Downtown Waterfront, but for its collaborative approach to planning. “The Ad Hoc Downtown Waterfront Committee and the community members who joined in Committee discussions deserve a lot of the credit,” Julie Hashem observed. Planning for the project was made possible by grants from the Maine Coastal Program and Governor’s Office of Policy, Innovation & the Future, and supported by consulting teams led by the Musson Group and Landmark Corporation.  And thanks to Congressionally Directed Spending supported by Senators Collins and King, the City will receive $4,060,000 for the first phase of implementation – redevelopment of  Middle Pier and Buoy Park.

    “Thank you to the community members, agencies,  consultants, Council members and others who have helped to make this Project possible,” Hashem added. “This award is for you.”

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