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    Q. Does the City’s emergency proclamation intended to apply to all Rockland businesses, or only those
    that serve as gathering places for the public?
    A. The proclamation was intended to apply to businesses that serve as social or recreational gathering
    places – such as restaurants, bars, gyms, theatres, and museums. It was not intended to apply to
    supermarkets, general retail, or to businesses generally. Although all businesses are encouraged to
    limit gatherings of people, employ social distancing, and support working from home where
    Q: Was the City’s emergency restriction of no more than 10 people in an establishment at any one
    time intended to apply to patrons only, or patrons and employees in total?
    A: The intent was no more than 10 people together in total — patrons and employees.
    Q: Are there any special requirements for businesses that switch to curbside delivery during the
    A: The City is encouraging businesses to stay open and offer curb side pickup. The Department of Public
    Services is working on getting temporary parking signs for curb side in front of establishments that rely
    on public parking.

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