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Harbor webcam now live on YouTube!Click here to watch it!

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We appreciate and value any and all feedback relating to the new website. The site is in public beta, which means we're still developing and fixing elements and are wanting to hear your thoughts on any bugs, praise or how we could improve it. Use the form below to leave your feedback:

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Harbor webcam now live on YouTube!Click here to watch it!
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  • A changelog of how the network of sites is being maintained, improved and developed. Do you have an idea, bug to report or just general feedback? Let us know!

    v1.0.4 (Public Beta)

    • Improved — home page calendar now much more useful.
    • Improved — better calendar performance on mobile.
    • Improved — workflow improvements for document libraries.

    v1.0.3 (Public Beta)

    • Fixed – Various calendar and document permissions issues.
    • Fixed – Document upload automatic conversion issue.
    • Fixed – Empty tile on home page.
    • Fixed – Document search not working for group-specific document browsers.
    • Fixed – Minor CSS issues.
    • Improved – Event date pickers now start on Sunday.
    • Improved – Removed “Leave Group” button. This will reduce accidental departures from groups, and group admins can remove people as appropriate.
    • Fixed – Document search placeholder text corrected.
    • Improved – Mobile icons for group functions more accurately reflect the functions.
    • Fixed – Registration issue for non-residents

    v1.0.2 (Public Beta)

    • Added – Harbor Trail map and made other updates to the Harbor Trail Page
    • Fixed – Broken news link on department pages

    • Fixed – Custom Content module p tag wrapping issue
    • Fixed – Bug in Internet Explorer 11 that stopped the groups sub navigation from appearing
    • Added – Report It, Fix it!: If not logged in, user will be presented with a popup asking to login or register to use the system
    • Improved – Report It, Fix it!: When uploading a photo via a mobile device, it is now easier to see its progress
    • Improved – Report It, Fix it!: After issue submission, user is now presented with a thank you modal popup. This ensures the user is made aware of a successful submission, regardless of email notification
    • Fixed – Reset password issue
    • Fixed – Minor styling issues on sub navigational menus

    v1.0.1 (Public Beta)

    • Improved – Comprehensive Plan AI module to present its results within a modal window instead of a new popup window, which were being blocked by some browsers (Thanks to PJ Walter for notifying us of this issue)
    • Improved – Added instructional text to Comprehensive Plan AI Module’s results
    • Improved – Document Library file lists now sort by name
    • Added – Database object caching was turned on at the server level for increased site performance
    • Added – More night time background images were added to the home page (will show randomly at night – thanks to Ed Slawson)
    • Fixed – Department pages intro text now correctly appearing in live search results
    • Updated – Feedback form
    • Updated – City Manager Information
    • Added – More images to the Rockland photo gallery
    • Fixed – Social feeds cron issue now sorted. Feeds will now update daily
    • Added – Subscribe / Unsubscribe button to news articles, now users can subscribe directly to news categories with ease
    • Fixed – Minor CSS issues
    • Added – Search Engine Optimizations for major pages throughout the site
    • Updated – The site is now open for Google to index, which includes monitoring of the SERPs
    • Updated – Files within the Document Library that include a date have been mostly rearranged to utilize the ISO 8061 naming standard. This brings most of Rockland’s publicly available data up to an international standard

    • Added – User registrations have been opened
    • Fixed – Active tabs styling
    • Updated – Styling of groups module
    • Updated – Sign up form
    • Fixed – Missing document manager for City Council group
    • Fixed – Minor CSS issues
    • Added – Custom Content module for group admins. This powerful content management module will allow groups to create their own content throughout the network and update it from a centralized point
    • Added – Knowledge Base articles are being added, which will teach group admins on how to manage their data / members. It also will allow residents and non-residents to access helpful information on what they can do within the network. This will be an ongoing project as it will need to be updated as we continue to develop and improve modules within the network

    v1.0.0 – Initial Public Beta Launch

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