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  • A comprehensive webpage for a better understanding of the 2025 Rockland revaluation

    2025 Revaluation


    The City of Rockland, Maine has contracted with Vision Government Solutions to provide Revaluation Services for the assessment date of April 1, 2025. The project began in early September 2023.

    The first part of the Revaluation is Data Collection. The data collection will be completed in every area of the City, but will be concentrated in one particular area at a time. Data Collection began in February 2024 with Phase One. Phase Two of Data Collection began on June 1, and Phase Three is underway now through September 1.

    You will be notified via mail when a data collector will be in your area.  Data collectors from Vision Government Solutions employees will have proper identification and their vehicles will be registered with the Police Department. If a homeowner wants further confirmation, they may call the Assessor’s Office.

    If you have taken out a Building Permit, or there are other changes to your property, additional data collection will be necessary. The new assessment notices will be mailed the end of May 2025 with hearings beginning right away through June 2025. The project will be completed in July 2025 and tax bills will be mailed late August 2025.


    Current Phase of Data Collection

    The current phase of Data Collection is Phase 3: