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Rockland Maine, Weather


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    When it comes to road treatment and snow removal for large storms (like what is expected this weekend), the most traveled roads get our first priority, followed up with the side streets and downtown snow removal then sidewalks.  In Rockland there are 121 lane miles and 25 miles of sidewalk.

    We have 14 Public Services employees taking care of 9 major plow routes.  Five of the14 people are part of the downtown snow removal process, which consists of removing the large accumulated snow piles (that are placed in various locations in the downtown) to the snow dump at the Solid Waste Facility to make room for parking.

    Our equipment consists of 6 plow trucks with wings, 1 loader, 1 backhoe and 4 smaller one ton trucks with plows used mainly for cleanup, dead ends and tight areas as well as 3 small sidewalk plows.  We have 240 tons of salt on hand and 400 yards of sand and 1,000 gallons of brine which is used to pretreat roads and pre-wet the salt prior to it being distributed on the roads.

    With 14 experienced snow removal people, equipment, as well as the sand & salt we still need the help of Rockland residents to do their part.  Staying off the roads during the storm is the single biggest things people can do.  Second, abide by the extended parking ban.  In addition, please do not place driveway and parking lot snow onto the sidewalk or into the road.  If you are out walking around wear bright colored clothing or reflective items so plow drivers can see you, especially at night.  Keep children from playing anywhere near the edge of the road since plow drivers may not be able to see them.

    Much of what happens is based on the conditions and timing and with so many miles of road and sidewalk we ask people to be patient.  Please understand that our Public Services snow plow drivers, work long hard hours to make the roads and sidewalks safe for our residents.

    If this storm dumps the 20+ inches of snow and drifting expected with this storm, major roads will not be totally cleaned up until the beginning of Monday; downtown parking will not be completely cleaned up until Tuesday morning and sidewalks will not be complete until later in the week since all the snow from the roads ends up on the sidewalks.

    We appreciate all you can do to help, please be patient and have a safe weekend.


    City of Rockland

    Public Services Director

    David St Laurent

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