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Rockland Maine, Weather

Sat, May 26
68F - 60F
Sun, May 27
54F - 48F
Mon, May 28
51F - 49F
Tue, May 29
61F - 53F
Wed, May 30
57F - 51F

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  •  In Police Department

    Traffic lights have “loops” in the road that identify when there are vehicle waiting in that lane and control the light cycles.  With the extreme weather conditions in the state of Maine and the weight of trucks that travel through the intersection several of those the loops were broken that caused the traffic light to be on flash for several months.  Loops in the road are old technology.   Intersections are now being controlled by overhead camera units.  These camera units DO NOT record any audio or video, they do the same job as the loops but are above ground and easier to maintain.  The job request has been submitted to the traffic control lighting contractor to upgrade the intersection to cameras.  We have not been given a date to when this will occur but I optimistic that it will be done this spring.

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