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  • The City is redesigning its website with a focus on improving the overall user experience.

    The City is aided in its work by an informal advisory committee, made up of a mix of website development professionals, and members of the community. When we are further along in the process, we also will be looking for community members to help with testing.

    Sign up for our testing group here!

    Current Website Redesign Progress:

      • Defining goals. The project team is defining both high-level and specific goals related to ease of use and functionality.
      • New Website Platform – Civic Plus. Civic Plus serves thousands of municipalities nationwide, including many here in Maine – Portland, Lewiston, and Bath among them. We are currently reviewing the Civic Plus websites of other municipalities and are ascertaining what will work well for us.
      • Analysis of current site. Through the use of analytics, we can see that the current site has far more pages than are currently used. We will look to pare down content and make it easier for visitors to find what they are looking for.

    Review meeting notes below.