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  • The links below will take you to interesting and family-friendly sites. You can get help with your homework, explore an aquarium, learn about the science of sports, and lots more.

    Homework Help

    • MARVEL! This is Maine's Virtual Library!
    • DK Find Out! Aimed at kids ages 7-11, DK Find Out has fun and education facts about science, mathematics, and much more.
    • Challenger Learning Center of Maine Great links for teachers and kids doing space related research.
    • AAA Math is a teacher recommended website where kids will find Basic Math Skills, Interactive Practice & Challenge Games. Many topics such as Decimals, Geometry, and Money are explored.
    • Reference Desk, homework help, Reading Room, and lots of other neat stuff, plus links to other great sites! Something for all ages.
    • Organized by topics like "State Capitals", "In the News", and "You Asked for It."
    • This web site was developed to help students improve their math skills interactively. Make flashcards, play math games and try the Homework Helper.
    • Fun Brain: Educational site for kids of all ages.
    • America's Library: Meet Amazing Americans, Jump Back in Time, Explore the States, and much more! From the Library of Congress.

    Fun and Games

    • Guinness Book of World Records: Web version of the popular record book. Includes a place to submit your own records and record attempts.
    • Maine Kids' Page: From the State of Maine home page, a place to learn about Maine and connect with other kids from Maine.
    • PBSkids--All your favorite programs like Clifford, Liberty's Kids, ZOOM, and many more.
    • KidsHub: KidsHub is a noncommercial educational portal to free high-quality online interactive learning games, puzzles, and quizzes for elementary and middle school students.
    • Enchanted Learning: Check out Zoom Dinosaur, Shark or Butterfly, print out calendars, or take a quiz to name just a few features. A fun packed website!
    • Sport! Science: From San Francisco's Exploratorium--cool Baseball, Hockey
      and Skateboard Science!
    • National Geographic Kids: From the people who bring you the magazine of the same name. Lots of articles and games in this just-for-kids site.
    • National Wildlife Federation: The Internet home of  Ranger Rick, and a great place to learn about the animals who share the planet with us.

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