Question: Lending Policy



New limit on videos: up to 10 videos may be checked out at a time.

New limit on interlibrary loans: up to 15 interlibrary loans may be on a card at a time.

Loan Period
Books & audiobooks:         14 days
Videos & DVDs:                    7 days.  DVD limit: 10 checked out at a time.


  •  New Books–one renewal.  Items with a reserve list are not renewable.
     Videos and DVD’s– one renewal.
  • All other materials–three renewals.

Materials may be renewed by calling the library, or online using the View Your
Record button.

Late Fees

  • Books, audio books, etc.          .15 per day
  • Children’s books                      .05 per day
  • All Videos and DVD’s           $1.00 per day

Accrued fines over $5 will result in the loss of library privileges.


Books and other materials that are checked out or on order may be reserved by a
staff member or you can do it yourself from the Card Catalog. You will be notified
when the material is available.

Lost Materials

The borrower will be charged the full cost for lost books, videos, tapes, etc.
Accrued charges for lost materials over $25 may result in the loss of library

Interlibrary Loans

Books and other library materials not owned by our library may be obtained through an Interlibrary Loan.

Book Drops

Books drops are located at the front of the library for your convenience.

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