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    In an effort to continue reducing costs, the City of Rockland is projected to save over $40,000 annually in legal costs as the result of transitioning from an in-house City Attorney to Bernstein Shur in the upcoming financial year.  Fiscal year 2018 (July 1st of 2017 to June 30th of 2018) will be the first full year the City has contracted the services of Bernstein Shur to serve as the City’s legal counsel.  Over the past 3 years the City of Rockland spent an average of $110,568 per year in legal costs with an in-house City Attorney and with costs steadily increasing annually.  In contrast, Rockland has now entered into a fixed fee agreement with Bernstein Shur for $75,000 a year.

    In addition to a reduction in costs by transitioning to Bernstein Shur, the city will have access to a legal firm that has Attorney’s on hand with a range of specializations that include land use, municipal litigation, public finance, and tax-exempt bonds, labor and employment, tax increment financing, and property tax and valuation, among other areas.  This broad base of specialized knowledge is important for any municipality due to the complex legal challenges faced by cities and towns.

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